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De Beers - means diamonds

Created by true masters of their craft, the company `De Beers` gives its customers a stunning design, the eternal magic of stones,and all the glitter and joy that only diamonds can bring.

`De Beers` -US jewelry company, whose name has long been synonymous with the word` brillianty`. Headquartered `De Beers` is located on Fifth Avenue (Fifth Avenue) in New York (New York City), a company owned in equal shares by the corporation` De Beers Group`,which since the late 19th century, controls the production and trade in South African diamondsand the French company `Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton`, a manufacturer of luxury goods, in which every word sounds like the title song for the lovers of elegant lifestyle.

`De Birs` - it`s diamonds. Above whatever worked jewelers company,whether it is a unique jewel in the 203 -carat Star of `Tysyacheletiya` (De Beers Millennium Star), found in 1990, or a simple wedding ring with diamonds, the company`s customers can be confident that the creation of any decoration in `De Beers` suitable with the same love and painstaking attention to detail and high skill.Created by true masters of their craft, the company `De Beers` gives its customers a stunning design, eternal magic stones, and all the glitter and joy that only diamonds can bring.

In 2001, the `De Beers` established a joint venture with` Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy` (LVMH), the French company specializing in the manufacture of luxury items,that was the beginning of a new independent jeweler. `De Beers Diamond Jewellers Ltd.` is independently controlled, the joint venture `De Beers Group` and` LVMH`, which belong to, respectively, 50 per cent of the company.

`De Beers Diamond Jewellers Ltd.` trades diamond jewelry exclusively in chain stores` De Beers` worldwide.The first boutique `De Beers` opened in 2002 on Old Bond Street (Old Bond Street) in London (London) as the brand` s flagship store. A year later, the brand extended its influence in Asia (Asia), opened its first stores in Tokyo (Tokyo). In the United States (the United States with) stores `De Beers` appeared in 2005at the NewYork`s Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive (Rodeo Drive) in Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills). The famous American jeweler Neil Lane (Neil Lane) has developed an exclusive collection of jewelry that are sold only in retail stores `De Beers`.

In 2007, the company opened new stores in Las Vegas (Las Vegas), Houston (Houston) and Washington (Washington, DC), as well as a new website with an online store.

Steven Webster (Stephen Webster) developed for the company`s first men`s collection, and, in addition, at the same time there was a collection of `Talisman 8 Watch`. The following year, the company has opened in the United States five additional stores in Dallas (Dallas),SanFrantsisko (San Francisco), Costa Mesa (Costa Mesa), Naples (Naples) and Bal Harbour (Bal Harbour).

Among the famous beauties schegolyayushih in jewelry from `De Beers` - Liz Hurley (Lis Hurley), Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan), Iman (Iman), Natalia Vodianova (Natalia Vodianova) and Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian).

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