David Vetter

Picture of David Vetter

Date of Birth: 09/21/1971

Age: 12

Citizenship: United States

Sterile boy`s life out of the bubble

Vetter was born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), due to which the impact of any microbes for him could be fatal. Media called boy David bablboem, ie a boy in a bubble. His name was revealed to the public only 10 years after his death.

The older brother David died at the age of seven months because of SCID, the doctors explained to parents, David Jr. and Carol Ann Vetter (Carol Ann Vetter), the probability of detection of the same disease in the next son will be 50%. The family Vetter already had a daughter, Catherine (Katherine), but they really wanted to have an heir-boy. In addition, doctors Vetter convinced that their son, a bone marrow transplant will be carried out from a potential donor, Katherine, and then he can live a normal life without the sterile bubble-insulator. Since September 21, 1971, he was born David Phillip Vetter.

By the birth of David in a hospital bed-sterilized cocoon was produced. After ten seconds of the removal of the fetus by cesarean section baby was placed in a plastic `` sterile environment, where he spent most of his life. Devidakrestili sterilized as a Catholic holy water. But then all the plans for a bone marrow transplant have failed: Katherine tissues were incompatible with the tissues of her brother.

Water, air, food, diapers, etc. Received his decontaminated `dom` only after special treatment. To Vetter touched only with plastic gloves, fastened directly to the wall of the bladder. To maintain a constant pressure in the cocoon, noisy air compressors used, and it is considerably difficult to communicate with David.

Parents and medical teams tried to create a more normal living conditions as possible. He was educated at private school program, I watched a portable TV and even got a game room inside their sterile chamber. When he was three years in the house of his parents` home was built puzyr` where David could be periods of two to three weeks. He got to the house in the transport cocoon and talked to her sister, peers and friends. His close, but uneasy relationship with Katherine sometimes poured into real fights. Victory in clashes always been for Catherine, who did not turn it off tolkogrozila David bubble of power, but a few times it did make. Frightened boy climbed into the reserve compartment and begged her sister to connect the pod to the mains.

In four years, Vetter has pierced your `dom` butterfly needle, which doctors have forgotten inside. This prompted doctors first told the boy about his particular state. In 1977, NASA developers have made to David special suit, which gave him the opportunity to leave the cocoon, and the first to explore the outside world. The bulky suit was associated with bladder hose 2.5 m long, and Vetter used it seven times.

Vetter was seen as psychologically unstable due to the lack of full contact with people. As a kid, he seemed polite boy and the executive, while with age it brighter and brighter became apparent depressed and angry. Once David in a fit of anger smeared their feces bubble. He was terribly afraid of germs, afraid to pick up an infection and suffered nightmares about some `King mikrobov`.

In the care of David-bablboem it spent about $ 1.3 ppm, but it was never found donora.Vrachi, fearing that a teenager can become uncontrolled Vetter went on a desperate step - and through intravenous catheters transplanted his bone Catherine . Operation was successfully completed; all hoped that David will soon leave his cocoon. But a month later, David felt bad for the first time. He suffered from diarrhea, fever, vomiting and severe intestinal bleeding.

Because of this serious situation the boy could no longer be kept in sterile `dome`. His condition is deteriorating day by day. In February 1984, he fell into a coma. Shortly before his death his mother for the first time been able to really, not through the gloves to touch the skin of David. After 15 days on 22 February 1984, 12-year-old Vetter died of Burkitt`s lymphoma (Burkitt). An autopsy found that bone marrow contains Catherine Epstein-Barr virus (Epstein-Barr), and this provoked David hundreds of cancer.

After the death of her son David Jr. and Carol divorced. His father later was chosen mayor of Shenandoah, Texas (Shenandoah, Texas). His mother married a reporter of the magazine `People`, author of several articles about her son.