David Salzer Broder

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Date of Birth: 09/11/1929

Age: 81

Place of birth: Chicago Heights

Citizenship: United States

Elder of American political journalism

David Broder (David Broder, the full name - David Salzer Broder) was born in 1929 in Chicago Heights, Illinois (Chicago Heights, Illinois, US). He was the son of a dentist Albert `Doka` Brodeur (Albert` Doc` Broder) and his wife Nina (Nina Salzer Broder). In 1947, David received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago (University of Chicago), and went on to study further, to 1951 mu received a master`s degree with a major in political science.

Also in 1951, David married Ann Creighton Collar (Ann Creighton Collar) was his classmate; the wedding was held in Crawfordsville, Indiana (Crawfordsville, Indiana). Over time, they had four sons, and later - seven grandchildren.

journalist`s work began to David with the newspaper `The Chicago Maroon`, he later moved to the` Hyde Park Herald`. During his military service (1951-1953) David wrote for the publication of `US Forces Austria (USFA) Sentinel`, and after his discharge from the service started working for the newspaper` Pantagraph` in Bloomington, Illinois (Bloomington, IL). Then followed work in the Washington, DC (Washington DC), and it was there Broder began his activities of a political journalist, which eventually earned him the title of Patriarch of American political journalism. For 40 years, he led two weekly column in the publication of `The Washington Post`, who were found` always tsentristskimi` both American parties - and the liberals and the conservatives.

Since 1956 Broder covered without exception presidential campaign. In 1973, David won the Pulitzer Prize (Pulitzer Prize) for coverage of the Watergate scandal, with his prize was separate from all publications, kotoroetakzhe received the award - David Prize was awarded for his own assessment and comments on the events. By the way, the materials Brodeur, published in the newspaper, was one of the main reasons that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon (Richard Nixon).

Known curious and witty quote Broder about the presidential election: `Every citizen, able to kill the two year campaign to become president should not be allowed to state deyatelnosti`.

At various times he worked Broder and publications such as `The New York Times`,` Washington Star` and other significant for the political life of the country`s media. Since 2001, Broder has taught journalism at the College of Philip Merrill College of the University of Maryland (University of Maryland), while maintaining full-time in the `Washington Post`.Kstati, before David was already teaching experience - he worked at Duke University (Duke University ) at the end of 1980.

David Broder - the author or co-author of eight books, the last of which - `Democracy Derailed: Initiative Campaigns and the Power of Money` - published in 2000.

Broder died of complications from diabetes March 9, 2011, at the age of 81 years.

He was called `informal predsedatelem` Washington press corps and the American political` elder zhurnalistiki`.

It is known that journalistic activity Brodeur received the highest rating in the highest echelons of the US political power. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) called it `a true giant zhurnalistiki` and added that` it is a well-deserved reputation as one of the most respected and acute political commentators of his pokoleniya`.

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