David Rodriguez

Picture of David Rodriguez

Year of birth : 1998

Age: 17 years

Citizenship : United States

The embodiment of elegance in the American fashion

Clothing from `David Rodriguez` is famous for its high quality, excellent materials and surprisingly beneficial for the female figure brim.

Fmerikansky brand women`s clothing based NewYork designer David Rodriguez in 1998. Among the fans of the brand many well-known for its taste of celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst (Kirsten Dunst), Jodie Foster (Jodie Foster), Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey), Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey), Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria), Carrie Underwood (Carrie Underwood), Toni Braxton (Toni Braxton),Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba), Elekstra Carmen (Carmen Electra), Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum) and others.

Clothing from `David Rodriguez` is famous for its high quality, excellent materials and surprisingly beneficial for the female figure brim. Since its birth Fashion David Rodriguez house impresses its customers with luxurious and exquisite collections of sports and casual wear, as well as a stunning combination of sexy cocktail dresses cocktail dresses and magic to the red carpet - not surprising ,that the collection of `David Rodriguez` sold in the most prestigious department stores like ` Saks Fifth Avenue` and boutiques across North America (North America). For example, in autumn 2005, Rodriguez has prepared a collection of fur products of the eight subjects ,manufactured under the license agreement with `Funtastic Furs` and sell in boutiques ` Birger Christensen` nine stores `Saks Fifth Avenue`. A year later, the new autumn collection of brand marked the start of the line `David Rodriguez Red Label`, which is in the same refined and elegant style, has been performed,which has become the hallmark of the brand, but differed more democratic prices. The collection included outfits for the office and catering was sewn from wool, tweed and different kinds of silk chiffon.

Combining rare talent with discipline and reckless energy,David Rodriguez was able to quickly establish itself as one of the rising stars of American fashion. He had only to enter the market with its own brand, as the articles began to appear about the success of the young designer in the `New York Times`,` Washington Post`, `WWD`,` San Francisco Chronicle` and several major national and international journals. He often appears on television and in the press in the United States (US) and Latin America (Latin America), has won numerous professional awards in the field of design and became in 2001 a member of the CFDA, Council of Fashion Designers of America (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

David was born and raised in Indio, California (Indio,California). He recalls that in early childhood, with four years, fine taste and style of his mother was his inspiration. That`s when the future designer for the first time began to dream that someday he would make clothes myself. As a graduate of the Institute of Design and Commerce (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, FIDM) in LosAngeles (Los Angeles), David learned the skill of the famous designer Richard Tyler (Richard Tyler), where he formed his clear and elegant style. David then went to New York (New York), to hone their skills and prepare for the launch of its first collection, while working in `Chanel`.Today, Rodriguez `s own brand for fifteen years - fifteen years of success.

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