David James Davies

Picture of David James Davies

Date of Birth: 06/02/1893

Age: 63

Place of birth: Carmel

Citizenship: United Kingdom


David James Davis (Dr. DJ (David James) Davies) was born in Carmel, Carmarthenshire, Wales (Carmel, Carmarthenshire, Wales). He was the third son of the miner Thomas Davis (Thomas Davies) and his wife, Ellen Davis (Ellen Davies). Following his father, he began working in the mine at 14 years, barely having time to finish school. Despite the heavy and not child labor, David went on to study in the evenings.

In 1912, he first went to Canada (Canada), and then moved to the US (United States), where he also worked in the mines. However, by that time he has become a co-founder of `Northwestern Coal and Coke Company` Colorado (Steamboat Springs, Colorado).

He learned a lot, traveled a lot and was very interesting and colorful, even a man. During his life, he had to be a miner, fighter pilot, and in 1919, Davis returned to Wales, where he became a miner again. An accident in 1920 led to a rather serious injury. During this forced rest Davis also did not waste time in vain - it is a lot of reading and studying economics, politics and history of the working class movement. At that time, he was also one of the founders of the Labour Party (Labour Party) in Ammanforde in Carmarthenshire (Ammanford district of Carmarthenshire).

In 1924, Davis went to Denmark (Denmark), where he enrolled in college in Elsinore (International People`s College in Elsinore). Davis has returned home a different person from the perspective of policy.

So he believed that true internationalism can only be based solely on the cooperation and free nations. Davis has repeatedly said that all the achievements of the working class Wales can be useful and safe only in a free country. By the way, it was he who first expressed this point of view, which later was established People`s Party of Wales Plaid Cymru.

A staunch nationalist, Davis called to give ownership of and control over the means of production by the working class - all these beliefs ontakzhe brought from Denmark, where he was fascinated achieved self-government, and longed to enter the same in the home country.

By the way, from Denmark Davis brought not only one of persuasion, but also his wife on behalf of Noella French (No & # 235; lle Ffrench), which is fully shared his political views and preferences.

Together they went to Ireland (Ireland), which tried to establish a similar Danish folk school (Folk School), but in 1825, the attempt failed, and the couple moved to Eberistvit (Aberystwyth), where Davis began attending the University of Aberystwyth University. It was 1925, and it was in that year, Davis came out of the Labour Party and became a member of Plaid Cymru.

In 1928 he received a bachelor`s degree in economics from Aberystwyth University and by 1931 had already received a doctorate; at that time he was one of the eminent party Plaid Cymru.

In 1932, Davis and his wife again attended public schools in Denmark and bought Pantybeil & # 239 house; au in Gilverne (Gilwern) in Monmouthshire County. By the way, later he and wife are actively advocated that Monmouthshire is an integral part of Wales.

Later it became known that Davis and his `levye` party comrades are constantly in conflict with its ideological leader and president of Lewis Sanders (Saunders Lewis), and in 1939, Lewis left his post. In addition to disagreement over the distribution of property, and friction arose about loyalty Lewis regime Mussolini (Mussolini) and Franco (Franco).

In 1953, David James Davis wrote an article, which after his death was published, and the book entitled `Towards Welsh Freedom`; published a book in 1958.

In general, Davis has always placed emphasis on the territorial integration and as a model point to the Scandinavian countries. He was a supporter of constitutional monarchy, and only with such a reign saw the sovereignty of the country.

John James Davies died on October 11, 1956 and was buried in Carmel.