David Howard Bale

Picture of David Howard Bale

Date of Birth: 09/02/1941

Age: 62

Place of birth: South Africa

Citizenship: United Kingdom


David Bale was born on September 2, 1941, South Africa, and as he grew up, he had the opportunity to travel considerably - the family lived in England, Egypt and the Channel Islands. David has mastered the profession of civil aviation pilot and later worked on the planes of local airlines in the UK. The activities of his own small company included trade imported jeans and skateboards.

For a long time, Bale was a staunch activist for the environment and animal rights protection. He was a member of the board of directors of the charity fund `The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund`, an organization established to protect the mountain gorilla and named after an American zoologist Dian Fossey, who spared no effort to protect wildlife. Also, David has worked in the organization `Ark Trust`, which in 2002 became a branch of the Hollywood branch of the Humane Society of the United States, the largest (and very powerful) animal welfare organization in the world. He was also a board member of the `World Education, Inc.`, an international non-profit organization, famous for its educational projects around the world. Headquartered `World Education, Inc.` is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bale has been married three times. His first marriage with Sandra Bale, signed in South Africa, ended in divorce, as well as a second marriage with a British circus actress Jenny Bale. From his first marriage, David remained daughter Erin, and three children from the second - Louise, Sharon and Christian, who later became a successful actor.

September 3, 2000 Bale married Gloria Steinem journalist, known for her feminist views. Modest private ceremony was held in Oklahoma. Gloria was older than her husband of seven years. By the time of the wedding, David threatened with deportation because of the delayed visa, but Gloria and David denied that the reason for the marriage served his immigration status.

Steinem in the past is often criticized the institution of marriage and has repeatedly stated that the United States can be attributed to the marriage legalized form of slavery. His marriage is not explained by the fact that its position has changed, and that changed the marriage itself.

Steinem and Bale remained together until the death of David, who died December 30, 2003, aged 62, from brain lymphoma.