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Date of Birth: 12/13/1921

Age: 86

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States


It conducts research in mathematics, economics, industry and industrial operations research; significantly helped develop the theory of mathematical economics, game theory and convex analysis.

The degree of mathematical sciences Gayle got into Princeton (Princeton University).

From 1950 to 1965 the first David has taught at Brown University (Brown University); after that he joined the University of California.

Gail lives in Berkeley and Paris (Paris); shelter with him divide his partner - Sandra Gilbert (Sandra Gilbert), known for its research in the field of feminism and poetic creations. At the moment, David`s three daughters and two grandchildren.

Special mention should be found to them the proof of existence of market equilibrium among the works of Gale (competitive equilibrium) and n-dimensional solution to the problem of Ramsey (Ramsey problem). Along with Stuart FM (FM Stewart) Gail research laid the foundation of endless games with complete information - in the future greatly influenced the development of mathematical logic. David is known as the inventor of a series of logic games - including `Bridg-It` and` Chomp`.

Quite an important role, David has played in the development of the theory of linear programming and linear inequalities; in 1960 he published a classic book `Theory of Linear Economic modeley` ( `The Theory of Linear Economic Models`), is still considered one of the basic guidelines in this area.

Another important contribution to the theory of David optimization, coding and algebraic geometry is `Geyla` transformation - a characteristic way of converting a set of points in projective space.

Together with Lloyd Shapley (Lloyd Shapley) David conducted active research objectives on sustainable marriage; found their solution greatly affected the analysis of overlapping markets, and today is widely used in a number of practical problems - such as the distribution of pupils in schools in New York City (New York) and Boston (Boston).

In the period from 1991 to 1997-th Gayle led to `Mathematical Intelligencer` column` Mathematical razvlecheniya` (Mathematical Entertainments); later published in this column, formed the basis of his book `Tracking the Automatic Ant`.

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