David Bakradze

Picture of David Bakradze

Date of Birth: 07/01/1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Tbilisi

Citizenship: Georgia


Davit Bakradze, who was born July 1, 1972 in Tbilisi. In 1994 he graduated from the Technical University of Georgia, and in 1998 - postgraduate studies in the University "Theoretical Foundations of Radio Physics". He defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. At the same time in 1995-1996 he studied at the Georgian-American Institute of Public Administration. In 1997 he graduated from the Swiss Institute for International Relations, after which he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. In 1997-1998 he worked as Deputy Head of the Georgian Foreign Ministry department for control over armament and disarmament, was the chief of management in 1998-2000. In 1998, Bakradze attended the Center for the Study of European security in Germany, and in 2001 he graduated from the NATO Defense College in Italy.

From 2002 to 2004 he worked in the Bakradze, Georgia`s National Security Council. Initially led service on security issues in 2003 was appointed director of the department of foreign security and conflict, in 2004 - director of the Political Security Department. In 2004, Bakradze was elected a deputy of the Parliament of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili headed the electoral bloc "National Movement - Democrats" and headed the parliamentary committee on European integration.

July 19, 2007 he was appointed Bakradze, the Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Issues. Replaced Merab Antadze appointed deputy foreign minister. According to observers, the appointment of career diplomat Bakradze responsible for the settlement of conflicts in South Ossetia and Abhaziibylo due to the fact that the Georgian authorities intend to actively involve in solving these conflicts European institutions. January 24, 2008 Bakradze was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Vladimir Gurgenidze in the government, replacing Gela Bezhuashvili, who, in turn, became the head of department of intelligence, had recently retired from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and subordination directly Saakashvili. Media noted surprise that the personnel replacement.

5 January 2008 in Georgia were held presidential elections, which resulted in the incumbent President Saakashvili won 53.47 percent of the vote. Saakashvili`s main rival Levan Gachechiladze scored 25.67 percent. During the election, Bakradze was the head of the electoral headquarters of Saakashvili.

In May 2008, the connection with the participation in the parliamentary elections Bakradze has resigned from the post of Foreign Minister. He won first place in the list of candidates from the ruling party "United National Movement". The new Minister of Foreign Affairs was the 30-year-old Eka Tkeshelashvili, previously held the post of Prosecutor General of Georgia. In the last May 21 elections, the party "United National Movement" has received 119 of the 150 seats. Bakradze became a deputy too. June 7, 2008 the new parliament chose instead Speaker Bakradze, Nino Burjanadze. For this decision voted 116 deputies. During his approval Bakradze called on the opposition to cooperate and announced his intention to fight poverty and to achieve Euro-Atlantic integration of Georgia.

Bakradze has a class rank the state adviser of the first class and the diplomatic rank of Senior Advisor. He is a senior lieutenant reserve the Georgian armed forces. He is married and he has two children.