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A guy named Noodles

When this film was released in the US in its stripped-down, 139 - minute version, directed by Sergio Leone was very disappointed - the film was cut drastically, arranged in chronological order of the episodes, focusing on scenes of violence, and eventually the entire directorial intent was destroyed. It is no wonder that the film flopped at the box office. But when it became available for the full version of the picture, ` Once in Amerike` firmly and permanently occupied its place in the history of cinema, and today it consistently ranks in the ranking of the best films of all time. In the casting, when the main characters were selected, it is not less than two hundred actors, and ultimately on the role of Jews gathered actors not Jewish blood. Whatever it was, the film received a landmark, and in 2012 Robert De Niro, who played in the film the title role, brought to the Cannes Film Festival the most complete version of the film, lasting 249 minutes.

David Aaronson (David Aaronson) was born in the early 1900s in a poor Jewish neighborhood in Manhattan `s Lower East Side. In 1920, at the age of 1415 years David, who was better known in the neighborhood by the nickname Noodles, organized a gang of friends, and had nothing to do, they rob drunk in bars, attacked the rich and even tried to extort blackmail. One day Noodles met Max Berkowitz, his future friend and later sworn enemy, and together they were unspoken leadersnot yielding to one another. After clashes with other gangsters in the area when he was killed by the youngest of the gang Noodles, he in a rage stabbed first gangster Bugsy named, and then the police, and went to jail, came from an adult.

David, he`s Noodles, found his friends, Max, and Diagon Cully, all the same ,that`s just the lead in his band is now belonged to Max, but things that I toss and turn a gang were bigger - bootlegging, robberies and even murder. Do not hesitate and do not currently looking for another case, Noodles joined the gang. It should be added that in the original film a nickname David - Noodles, and translated into Russian often called Noodles ,although the value is slightly different (Noodle - so called in those days well to think of people) , but because it more accurately be called ` Bashkoy`, as was done in the book.

Golden dream guys were big thing, cause that happens once in a lifetime, for which is worth the risk. .. In the end, Max shared his thoughts ,and soon gangsters have started to prepare the robbery of the Federal Reserve Bank. By the time the noodles, which was still reasonably young man, understand that it is not burnt out, but Max was confident of success. Constant skirmishes tired Noodles, he was angry and felt powerless, and in the meantime his friends were preparing for a robbery Ages. As a result, I decided to deliver the noodles friends, so that they were still alive, even in prison. Then he called the police anonymously, told cops about the alleged impending illegal carriage of alcohol. And the next day it was reported that three of his best friends - Max, Gaby and Oblique - killed in a shootout with the police ,Max and body burned beyond recognition. ..

Noodles was sure that it was because of his ` predatelstva` friends killed, and David Aaronson time began anguish and remorse. At the same time he tried to kill people from the mafia syndicate. And Noodles gone to the bottom. He disappeared from New York for a long 35 years ,and all these years felt guilty for the death of their friends.

In New York, David was back in the 1960s. It turned out that Max did not die while in a shootout with the police, he live today, went into politics and even became a senator, his name is now the Secretary Bailey. However, his case is not too successful - mired in corruption ,he decided to commit suicide and ` zakazal` Lapsze himself. Alas, Noodles did not kill his former friend, even if that was the reason that his life was not passed as he had dreamed. By the way, ex-girlfriend of David, Deborah, for all these years was the mistress of the same Max.

Although Max was waiting for that one wants to take revenge on him ,David acted differently - he pretended that he did not know any of Max, referring to only as Secretary Bailey. And he said that once he was a good friend, but he had died many years ago.

This film - a film about friendship, betrayal, love and decency. This is the story of the Jewish boy who grew up a child in the street.He was not a hero or a villain, he simply lived as best he could.

It is noteworthy that the end of the film is ambiguous - perhaps there was no returning home in 1960, and the noodles are simply drowned in the opium dope back in the 1930s.

It is said that Robert De Niro, entering the role, even tried to arrange a meeting with a real gangster Meyer Lansky, but that, alas ,He refused to meet.

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