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BiographyThis rather unconventional tools palette, persistent quest of their own way, a passion for music and the temperament of the International Brigade members Dave Matthews allowed the team to create a unique and relaxed style, an exciting mix of genres, techniques and trends, reflecting their inner freedom and open-mindedness. Matthews family moved from South Africa to New York when Dave was only two years. After the tragic death of his father, the boy returned with his mother to Johannesburg, where he graduated from high school. Dave then moved to the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, where in 1990 he first had the idea to gather your group. By this time, Dave Matthews (Dave Matthews) is already well sang and played the guitar, and, of course, tried to write music, so it is logical that one day he desperately wanted to write on the tape a few of his own songs. Rather than simply to sing for fun and play along on your guitar ,the guy decided to enrich their compositions a few more tools. There were also assistants - drummer Carter Beauford (Carter Beauford) and saxophonist Leroy Moore (LeRoi Moore), who have already established themselves in the city as a great jazz musicians. Soon the boys joined the 16 -year-old prodigy Stefan Lessard (Stefan Lessard), who knew swimmingguitar like the five fingers, violinist Boyd Tinsley (Boyd Tinsley), and completed the formation of the State of keyboardist Peter Grizar (Peter Griesar). However, he left the group, as well as a few years Tinsley.

This rather unconventional tools palette, persistent quest of their own way ,passion for music and the temperament of the International Brigade members Dave Matthews allowed the team to create a unique and relaxed style, an exciting mix of genres, techniques and trends, reflecting their inner freedom and open-mindedness. The first official concert of Dave Matthews Band newly formed group held on 11 May 1991 at a private party in his native Charlottesville. In the summer of the same year they made their debut in front of a wide audience, perfectly fit into the program of Earth Day Festival City Festival. And then we started and regular appearances at local events ,so pretty soon the rumors about the new band with a contagious sound spread far beyond his native city. Clubs first got to the core, that `s what the band was in great demand, and subsequent tours lined up for more long routes.November 9, 1993 Dave Matthews Band released their first album "Remember Two Things" on independent label Bama Rags. The album was recorded during a concert at the Muse Music Club in August 1993, it was produced in-house and published at his own expense. Due to the very tight tour schedule soon edition debut work exceeded 150 thousand copies. Drive perfectly to fend for themselves in the College charts, and later received a gold certification from the RIAA (Association of the United States Rekordingovoy industry) - a very impressive feat for an album, published on an independent label. Meanwhile, DMB investigated all new touring routes and an army of fans has grown by leaps and bounds. By allowing fans to record their shows for personal use, the DMB initiated the creation of a huge interactive commune that its forces quench the need for audio.

The independent position did not last long. Soon the group was faced with the need to choose a label (and found wanting multiple) , and opted for RCA Records, who offered the most flexible contract. The debut on the label RCA "Under The Table and Dreaming" was recorded in early 1994, and shortly before the release date of September 27, 1994DMB went to the first official national tour. After months of touring the United States, which took place with great success, in 1995, the group presented itself Europe, having been including in the areas of leading summer festivals.

In autumn 1995, it was time to go back to the studio. By this time, "Under The Table and Dreaming",which started with 34 lines in the Billboard charts, had already become four times platinum by the RIAA version. "Crush", the second album on the RCA label, released April 30, 1996, debuting at # 2 once the Billboard 200. engaged in producing of recording Steve Lillywhite (Steve Lillywhite).The music press and the audience paid tribute to the team of Dave Matthews. Virtually the entire 1997, the first year the tour did not stop, North America openly acknowledged love their new idols. Whether they liked it or not, but DMB participants were among the most successful rock bands of the 90s.

October 28, 1997on Bama Rags / RCA was released a double live album "Live at Red Rocks 8-15-95". Without any advertising and promotions disc debuted in third place in the Billboard 200 and very soon went platinum. This entry has become a high-quality alternative to the prohibitively expensive, with poor quality, illegal " live album " groupwhich are widely used on the black market.

April 28, 1998 prepared DMB third Long-play "Before These Crowded Streets". Critically acclaimed recording debuted at the first line of the Billboard 200, easily displacing even the soundtrack to the blockbuster "Titanic." The next year and a half the group almost did not stop touring -at a packed stadium, theater halls, arenas.

In January 1999, the concert series has been completed another album with the long title "Live at Luther College: An Acoustic Performance by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds". This entry appeared immediately on the second line of the chart. Performance at Luther College was held with the participation of longtime friend Tim Reynolds group (Tim Reynolds). Superior guitarist, Reynolds was marked on all albums DMB and often toured with them as a session musician. In addition, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, 96, 97 and 99 m respectively went to the small tour together as an acoustic duo. The third release of the concert series, immortalized show at Continental Airlines Arena stadium in New Jersey, was released in November 1999 and was called "Listener Supported". At the same time it was released and video report about the concert. The album quickly went double platinum, and the video sold over a million copies.

At the beginning of 2000 show-Marathon continues, Dave Matthews Band tour finish in the status of the leading concert band America. Dave autumn together with legendary producer Glen Ballard (Glen Ballard; worked with Alanis Morissette) started preparing new songs for the next studio release, and a few days together, they recorded and arranged the 12 tracks. The consequences of this creative explosion reached the ears of the listeners 27 February 2001, the new album "Everyday" in the publication day. Matthews for the first time - and successfully - played on the electric guitar, and Ballard was able to get the better musicians, and hard sound, that together and ensured the phenomenal success of the album. In March 2001,"Everyday" topped the US charts, and has sold three million copies have today.

Summer 2001 DMB conducted a tour of the country. And in October, the band released the fourth live album "Live In Chicago" (shooting December 19, 1998) , recorded with guest musicians Victor Wooten, Maceo Parker and, of course ,Tim Reynolds.

January 2002 musicians met in a familiar studio Plant Studios in Sausalito, recording a new Long-play. On this CD were a few previously known songs recorded in 2000, but in a new orchestration, as well as new tunes, partially presented to the public at concerts in recent months. "Busted Stuff" was released July 16, 2002, becoming the exception of its kind : the first time in his career the band have managed on their own and did not invite a single -party musician.

Naturally, the release was supported by active tour of the United States in the summer of 2002 there was a new live- album "Live At Folsom Field" At the end of the tour ,which first came live versions of many songs from different albums. To date, this is the best quality live album by Dave Matthews Band.

In 2003, Dave Matthews took some time off to prepare the debut solo release. Release titled "Some Devil" album on September 23 of 2003. The album was attended by Tim Reynolds, bassist Tony Hall (worked with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson) and drummer Brady Blade Jr. According to the musician, the disc was made of a material that is not well suited for the execution of the group. In addition to the old fellow musician ,in recording took part horn section The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, string, brass ensemble Seattle Music Group, four dozen of cellists and violinists, backing vocalists Total Experience Gospel Choir and other session musicians. The difference between the albums of Dave Matthews Band and their frontman `s solo work is the same ,both between the show at a packed stadium and chamber concerts, crashing five-meter columns and singing with a guitar, preaching from the podium and confession. For ten years muzindustrii, firing with his team six studio and four live albums, Dave Matthews probably amassed a soul quite unspoken, too personal,too brittle, which is not to sing the whole team.

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