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Date of birth: 15.06.1972

Age: 43

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Daria Poverennova was born June 15, 1972 in Moscow. Dasha`s father, Vladimir E. Attorney - translator, he worked in the publishing house "Progress", and my mother - Tatyana Lukyanova - actress, working at the Taganka Theater. Dasha`s parents lived together for long. After the divorce, Dasha remained with his mother. How many children acting, her childhood backstage theater. Dasha watched performances with the participation of mothers and very proud of it.

Tatyana Lukyanova - stage actress in the movie she filmed, but the grandfather Dasha - People`s Artist of the RSFSR Sergei Lukyanov was the idol of many viewers who loved his characters in the film "Kuban Cossacks", "Rumyantsev Case", "Big Family", "Twelfth night "," The Return of Vasili Bortnikov, "" The Captain`s daughter "and others. Unfortunately, Daria was not able to communicate with the great grandfather: "I did not catch him alive: my grandfather died before I was born. He was only in `53: he not suffered a stroke, and before that his health crippled two heart attacks. About him many told grandmother (note -. Hope Zakharovna Tyszkiewicz, once danced on the stage of the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theatre) which is more than thirty years, survived her husband and, in fact, I was brought up. We remained at home a suitcase full of photos of grandfather - and the theater, and in the family circle, and with the little mother in her arms. From generation to generation family story about how he had before the war helped his colleague to go across the border, for which he was sent to Siberia. A grandmother, without hesitation, went with her husband into exile. In general, I am very proud of my grandfather. I remember how some could not resist and admitted Alexey Batalov, which my grandfather was shot in the film, "Rumyantsev Case", I granddaughter Lukyanov. He then smiled so! "

In their house often visited celebrity. The next door lived Valery Zolotukhin, Dasha was friends with his son Denis. In general, from childhood was immersed in the bohemian environment, respectively strongly egregorial energized.

Dasha and he talked with his father. Vladimir E. remarried after the divorce, his wonderful wife, a wonderful daughter, Anja, who study at the Moscow State University. The whole family supports good relations. That is, thanks to his father, Daria Poverennova was one of the best students of the school with intensive study of English.

Interpreter or actress? Or, as an interpreter after all an actress

Who to be? Although my mother, grandmother and grandfather Dasha - all artists, however the family wanted her to become a translator. Prerequisites for this are all - the language Dasha knew very well, and she liked it. But even more it attracted the scene. Despite all efforts to convince the parents - following in the footsteps of his father, Daria categorically answered: "Only an actress!" What can you do, the grandfather of the genes known actor and actress mother took her.

But the interpreter Dasha still worked. After the first time has not arrived in theater school, as a life-saving straw made Basil Arcana friend Dasha`s parents. He suggested that completely upset the girl: "You want to go to the director interpreter Mitte" Alexander N. run time with "Lost in Siberia" international project and was looking for an assistant with knowledge of English. The correct date and time, - says the actress - I arrived at the "Mosfilm". Heart beat: here it is, the subject of dreams! And suddenly - turned down, I can not get a pass! I`m Brad, heartbroken, and I think - do not give up "excitement Daria forgotten name of the picture, so the pass was not given a pass!. Then the interpreter walked studio and jumped over "Mosfilmovsky fence" and the minute entered the meeting room, passing, perhaps the main test of loyalty to the chosen path.

On "Mosfilm" Daria worked year. "Painting" Lost in Siberia "has been very difficult. Alexander N. discounts for age and inexperience did. Therefore, according to the site, I did not run, but flew. camp was specially built near Yaroslavl for "prisoners": barracks, watchtowers, barbed provoloka.I here comes the column "prisoners"! - With no end in sight. Winter, cold dog. Sounds the command "Stop!", And I must return to the place thousandth crowd. I`m in high fur boots, sheepskin coat, with a cracker, with a bag on his shoulder, ran like a sprinter at the very end of the column. Only he ran, the language on the shoulder again hear the command: "Motor". And so the whole day. Mitt Drove me thank him for school, great! "

In addition to the position of "crackers", Dasha gave instructions to find a few people with disabilities in the role in the film. In the story, it was in the post-war Stalin`s time, in a camp for prisoners. Dasha went to the addresses that are received in orthopedics Center. "Meetings were heavy. Especially memorable one guy without legs - my age. " In the film he played a sailor who runs away from the camp. In this picture, Dasha could observe the work of actors such as Helen Mayorov, Natalia Gundareva, Vladimir Ilyin, Alexey Zharkov.

In general, Daria learned a lot, learned a kitchen. Then, when she began to act, no longer felt like a newcomer to the area.

Study. First Love

The following summer, Dasha entered the Theater School. Schukin, who graduated from her mother. After a decent salary to the scholarship Mosfilm 40 rubles had to get used to. However, the long-awaited study Darya brought only pleasure.

Unplanned pregnancy in the second year. But Daria is not scared, despite the fact that her husband went with her in some walls and received the same 40 rubles. "It happened to a great love. And I just decided, I will bear. "

Dasha says: "I went to get married early, at age 19, at a very great love. With Alexander, we studied together at the Theater School. Shchukin, though not on the same course, because he`s older. We are bound not blind passion, but a completely conscious, flavored maximalism youth the desire to start a family, have children .... Over time, of course, I have changed their attitude to the institution of marriage. I became more rational and not illusions, because as soon as people start living together, they will immediately begin to show some kind of possessive. Unfortunately, and I too was only superficially agrees not to ask: "Where have you been ?!" Inside, I still have this worm possessiveness sitting - I was raised. Our Pope with their mothers so lived, and therefore a different reality, we do not know. And so many years to live side by side and not become bored with each other, need to be very wise people. There is a beautiful expression: "The woman like a bird, it should be kept gently, so as not to suffocate, yet firmly, so as not to fly away." To a man, I think, it is also possible to carry. "

Then on the eighth month of pregnancy, with a big belly Dasha play Varvara of "Storm" and Smolski of "Talents and admirers". In June she passed examinations, and August 15, 1992 was born the daughter Pauline. 31st has come to the school. "Sometimes with him to school I had to drag my daughter into a large bag ...". Yes, and the 92th - long queues for bread, the collapse of the country. But, as usual, parents and friends helped.

With Alexander they lived for ten years. "Then it became pointless to continue these relations - says Dasha. - For parting we walked parallel to the road, but the initiative to file for divorce came from me. My husband I did not change. I am a faithful man, one might even say, odnolyubka. Although family practitioner. But I was not attracted to cute looks and talent. "

Erotica? It`s not so bad ...

Daria`s film career began with Poverennova ... Hollywood eroticism. In 1992, American director Zalman King invited her to star in the serial film "Red Shoe Diaries." When she was sent the script, she was frightened. I do not know how it will accept people close to her. "I read it and said that I would not be removed in the pornography." Then it turned out that Daria was sent the wrong series. After reading the other scenario, she still refused. The series was called "Zero Gravity". Then he phoned the director and actually persuaded Poverennova. He said that there`ll be nice to shoot, will be the operator Alexey Rodionov, and the operator it is really stunning.

Then there was the casting, the successful tests with the English text and the young actress was cast.

Partner Daria attorney was Igor Sukachenko (model by profession). The film is about how to go into space two cosmonauts - American and Ukrainian. In orbit, they perform an important task, and suddenly - an accident. Heroes realize that soon will die. Death catches them in each other`s arms ...

As for the shooting in the nude, then Dasha admits: "When the finished material looked happy, so beautiful and delicate all filmed. Its shortcomings, I also know, and try to fix them. It`s not so scary. Because the film crew is always with understanding. And on the site are only those people whose presence is necessary. I am not against these scenes if they are caused by logical and justified, and do not even think it`s something shameful. Eto- part of the profession. But if there is no direct need, I do not undress. "

The first role. Russia-Ukraine-Poland

actress Way in Russian cinema began with the melodrama Alexander Chernykh "I love" based on the story of Victoria Tokareva, "Nothing special." The role was small, Poverennova played the girlfriend of the main character, which performed the now deceased Irina Metlitskaya.

"The shooting took place in an old manor near Brest. It was incredibly beautiful: huge Yablonevo pear-old garden, the river, the ruins of the manor house ... One day a car drove up, got out of a mature woman and a man. They walked through the garden, watched the episode is released. The woman looked at me strangely, and there were tears in her eyes. After their departure, the director said: "This is the former owner of the estate. She was not here 60 years. You almost play it. " Up to this point the movie never really was not so in my life. And now I think, maybe my other character somewhere very near, the crowd .. "?

After the second year the actress began intensively in the movies. In 1994, she starred in the detective-fiction tale Gennady Gorodnya "Venetian mirror" (then together with Dasha in the film starring former "Electronics" Yuri and Vladimir Torsuevy) and melodrama Polish director Feliks Falk`s "Summer of Love" (based on a story Ivan Bunin "Natalie"). Yet the actress longer dreamed about the scene ...

Happy event

1994th year. End of school. Daughter Pauline - 2 years. When the question of employment, Poverennova start showing in all theaters of the capital. Become one of the best actress - the name of Mayakovsky Theater - again helped fortune. The chief director Andrei Goncharov was then with the troupe on tour and came to Moscow from Riga all day - by awarding him the "Crystal Turandot". And the artistic director of the course Vladimir Vladimirovich Ivanov made a show of fourth year, almost all of Moscow`s theaters. Poverennova asked for a meeting. In anticipation of the celebration Goncharov was in a good mood. He looked at the scene, prepared Dasha asked to sing ... and took the troupe! It was a miracle, because the Master has released its own course, which was originally decided to take to him. Time showed that he was not mistaken, I am now Poverennova one of the leading actresses of the theater.

As with every actress Daria Poverennova always dreamed of "his" director. She found him in the person of Sergei Nikolaevich Artsybashev "Sergei Artsybashev - my director. He - the best theater director today. Classical trend, "What will surprise the audience?" Many directors are looking for new forms and Artsybashev surprise that creating human images on the stage, the audience makes you wonder. As a result, people come to the gym alone and leave changed internally. And we, the actors, great, because the action on the stage is built logically and clearly. "

At the theater Mayakovsky Dasha has played many roles, memorable and favorite spectator: Rosalina ( "How do you catch the fancy"), Kate ( "Children Vanyushina"), Anna ( "Love of the student"), cabaret singer ( "Victim of the century" ), wife of the eloquent ( "lizard"), Alice Fox ( "The Adventures of Pinocchio"), Faustin ( "My century"), Cecile ( "limits of decency").

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