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"Dark angel" was founded in 1981 in a suburb of Los Angeles High school students Jim Durkin (guitar) , Don Doty (vocals) and Rob Ian (bass) . That same year, the guys recorded the first demo, made with young enthusiasm and aggressiveness. In the compositions felt a noticeable effect of the "new wave of British heavy metal. " At the beginning of 1983, it came to light yet another demo, the sound which has strayed from the traditional heavy toward the trash. The following year, finally also settled problems with the composition, and the team were drummer Yak Schwartz and second guitarist Eric Meyer. At the same time to the "Dark angel" began to take an interest in recording company. By signing a contract with the US "Metalstorm Records / Azra International" and the European "Axe Killer records", the band went into one of Hollywood studios to prepare their first album. Recorded with producer Bill Metoyerom disk is a powerful brutal thrash with these killer tracks like "Merciless Death", "Falling from the Sky" and "No Tomorrow". One of the songs from that album, "Welcome to the Slaughter house", then got on the compilation "Metal Massacre 6 ", published in the "Metal Blade".Dark angelPosle exit "We Have Arrived" Schwartz was replaced by Jean Hoagland, adding to the sound of the band aggressiveness. " Grim angel " is benefited, and his audience began to grow rapidly. The team shared concert stages with a "Slayer" and "Megadeth", and also copes with the role of the headliners. In 1986, "Dark angel" was replaced by bassist -it became Mike Gonzalez. With producer Randy Burns, the band recorded another quality album, "Darkness Descends". Also in 1986, the first full-fledged tour of " Angel ", which company he was "Motorhead", "Slayer", "Megadeth" and "Possessed". The following year, the team plunged into problemsassociated with the search for a new vocalist and showdowns with the management. As a result, the new album was delayed for a couple of years.

"Leave Scars" was recorded with new frontman, Ron Rinehart and plate output was accompanied by a global US- European tour. In the middle of the tour shtatovskih izfor strained relations in the team "Dark angel" left one of its founders, Jim Durkin, and part of the concert the musicians practiced as a quartet.

Dark angelTak they suffered a not very long since managed to recruit into their ranks Viking Brett Eriksen. With his participation and under the leadership of metalproducer Terry Deyta was recorded killer album "Time Does Not Heal", received 5 stars in "Kerrang" magazine. "Dark angel" successfully conducted a European tour and wanted a ride has been in the States, but here they again piled problems. First, the conflict with the label led to the rupture of the contract, and then had to drive Eriksen ,too carried away drugs. In his place we took Chris McCarthy, but relations in the team by not improved. Inaction management in this situation has led to the collapse of the team, what happened in the end of 1992. As an epitaph "Combat Records" released a compilation "Decade of Chaos".

It has been a dozen years ,before the sign "Dark angel" again loomed on the horizon rock. In late 2002, Jean Hoagland, Ron Rinehart, Erik Meijer and Daniel Williams (bass) have announced that they want to please the fans of the group with new tour, which will be included in the performance at the famous festival "Wacken Open Air".

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