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The girls of Danity Kane is often compared with the likes of them by groups such as the Spice Girls, the same Destiny`s Child and TLC. But in interviews, they describe themselves as a talented, as well as a group without explicitly lidera0. "Making the Band 3 " - the so- called transfer - competition for the selection of talented lady. Almost all 2005 Puffy team traveled to all the states native America and selected 20 beauties with extraordinary vocal and fiziometricheskimi data. But P.Diddy was not enough, and he decided to leave only three girls, and once again to put the team in the search.In the end, only five representatives selected charming sex. It`s hard to imagine what eyes Diddy looked at these girls. He invested millions in the search, but was about to fulfill them. His plan was to connect to the recording of the album the best producers : Scott Storch, Timbaland and Mario Winans. Still it has not happened ,that such producers have worked on developing the team. But it was worth it. Sean Combs is playing for high stakes, and because drinking "Crystall". He remembers the story Destiny`s Child, a group that just a few years has sold about 100 million. Records worldwide. .. 8 December 2005 the group Danity Kane was formed. Where are you from,beauty? Shannon Bex girls of Danity Kane is often compared with the likes of them by groups such as the Spice Girls, the same Destiny`s Child and TLC. But in interviews, they describe themselves as a talented, as well as a group without a clear winner, it can be clearly seen by the same of Beyonce, who reigns in Destiny`s Child.But if it is good to track the performance of this charming quintet, the role of a clear leader here begs the lady named Shannon Bex. It is the oldest of all and the only married. This girl with Scottish roots are often called " mama Danity Kane". Aundrea Fimbres " Size does not matter " - so you can say about this beauty.It is the smallest of all the participants, but, as it turns out, the most vociferous. Producers noted her vocals on merit. Note that it is also a Mexican. partner in the group called it a Little Muff. Aubrey O`Day Her sexuality is manifested in the dance. Girl crown and sole ,who in his biography put a minus in front of "virgin " points. It is hard not to notice among the other participating Danity Kane. Immediately after the release of the album is Aubrey O`Day included in the list of hundreds of the hottest girls on the version of "Blender" magazine and "Maxim". Dawn Richard `s talent does not spend on drink and procuration. This lady gave rise to the era of Danity Kane.Dawn draws comics and daetnazvaniya groups. She immediately noticed P.Diddy. Once he was watching her and asked what she draws. Dawn said that it Danity Kane, anime heroine. P.Diddy remember the name. .. Dawn Richard - the only girl who was singing before. She has finished the album "Been A While", but, unfortunately, it is not yet released. I wonder if she will run away from the first group to make a solo career ? Wanita "D.Woods" Woodgette Wanita translated from Indonesian means " woman. " So, this woman - the most hardworking. A year later she was wound with Danity Kane, and now managed to also appear in the new job and Lloyd Lil` Wayne "You". Besides,Wanita boyfriend is executive director of the label "GR Kecords " King James. Maybe I was wrong about the first mouse, which will leave the ship? Untitled Album Taking into the hands of a brand new album of the group, do not look for there names. The cover indicated only group - Danity Kane. But why should the name ,if the group already knows all of America ? Millions of viewers watched the reality show "Making the Band 3 ". August 22, 2006, on the first day of sales, the shelves in the US immediately took 90 000 copies of the album. The first week is no worse - 234,000 albums sold. P.Diddy can be proud, he knows how to make platinum. NoteThe album was recorded at Bad Boy Records. The first single girls became fit with the young talent hip-hop Yung Joc, is already owned by P.Diddy. This hit "Show Stopper" did not leave the station esters. Of the remaining tracks tell the girls in an interview with "Vibe": Dawn: Of course, the best song on the album - "Show Stopper". But each of us has a favorite. Here I like the ballad "Stay With Me". She`s strong and melodious. Aubrey: I think the track from Timbaland "Wanted" - the best. This is a wonderful dance hit. It perfectly reveals our vocals. This is similar to those hits, which makes for a Timbaland Justin Timberlake, Nelly and many others. D. Woods: No, girls ,I think the best work from the same Timbaland "Right Now". It`s a brilliant track. We are very fortunate that we work with such brilliant producers. .. As you can see, each of the girls plays a role. Let rejoice that they are shown on the blue screens, and profit from it let them comfort P.Diddy cartridge. He also has children. Family feed needclothe, teach to earn. ..

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