Daniil Zabolotny

Picture of Daniil Zabolotny

Date of Birth: 12/28/1866

Age: 62

Place of birth: a. Chebotarka

Citizenship: Ukraine


Danylo zabolotny born 16 (28) December 1866 in with. Chebotarka now with. Zabolotnov Krizhopilskogo region Vinnytsia region, died on December 15, 1929 in Kiev.

In 1889, for participating in student riots, he was arrested and expelled from the natural separation of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Novorossiysk University (Odessa), who graduated in 1891, passing an external examination.

In 1894 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Kiev. In 1893 he proved to himself (along with IG Savchenko) that the introduction of cholera vaccine orally protects against cholera.

He made expeditions to study the plague in India, Arabia, Mongolia, etc .; He participated in the creation of the first anti-plague laboratories. Experimentally proved the identity of the origin of bubonic and pneumonic plague, and the therapeutic effect of anti-plague serum. Created by the doctrine of natural foci of plague (1922).

In 1898 he organized in St. Petersburg Women`s Medical Institute, Russia`s first department of bacteriology (headed it until 1928), in 1920 - in Odessa, the world`s first chair of epidemiology.

In 1921 he founded and was the first rector of the Odessa Medical Institute. Organized in 1928 in Kiev, the Ukrainian Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, now bearing the name of Zabolotny. One of the founders of the International Society of Microbiologists.

Supervised Sanitary-Epidemiological Commission of the Main Military Medical Administration of the Red Army, was a member of the Academic Medical Council of People`s Commissariat organized courses of military and civilian doctors epidsmiologov.

Zabolotny - the author of numerous scientific papers about the plague, cholera, malaria, syphilis, diphtheria, typhus and other diseases.

Academician (1922) and president (1928-29), Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, academician of the USSR (1929).