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Birthday : 1/24/1986, the

Age: 30 years

Place of birth : Grant, Nebraska, United States

Citizenship : SShAOriginalnoe name : Daniel Anderson

Original name: Danielle Anderson

From the Internet - and on stage`Danielle Ate the Sandwich` - the name of the musical project, and subsequently alias US singer Danielle Anderson (Danielle Anderson). Today, after four albums and released several singles, Daniel is one of the most renowned independent folk singers of America.

` I am opposed to discrimination, - he says in an interview with Daniel ,talking about their musical preferences, - it seems to me that rather silly to believe that only certain music is good and right, and the rest - is empty and will not veduschaya`. In other words, if there are on the American music scene musician, who miraculously managed to escape from the intrigues of showbusiness and after nearly half a century to continue to live the ideals of the folk scene of the last century, then that person is named Daniel. Partly thanks to Anderson - as, indeed, and Rocky Leon (Rocky Leon) - for ukulele, ukulele, its fame as ` dobrogo` musical instrument. It is also interesting that, as if repeating the career of Rocky ,Daniel initially gained popularity on the Internet, and only then began to speak with ` professionalnymi` concerts, which, according to her, did not differ from those which it gave earlier, as long as the audience were pleased with the performance and the song found its audience.

Seriously studying music Daniel started only in the year 2007 ,but her first song she wrote as a child. She was born in Nebraska (Nebraska) January 24, 1986 -year. Even as a child, thanks to his parents, Daniel with the sisters learned to play the piano, and at school played the clarinet, saxophone, violin and sang in the choir. Despite,Daniel from the first school class wrote their own songs and poems, publicly perform them it began only in the last university courses. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Colorado (Colorado State University), and then began working in a small shop, where sew clothes and manufacture a variety of accessories. Then,though it is recorded and polzvalis popular on the Internet, she was not even thinking about that once her hobby can become a profession.

Around the same time together with friends, she founded the group `Blackdraft: the Musical`, but after its collapse has decided to try to start a solo project, which received the name of ` Danielle Ate the Sandwich`. RealisingWithout money and with only a few songs in the repertoire she hardly finds the label, ready to offer her a contract, Anderson beginning to spread their songs to social networks, which are just a couple of years it glorified all over the world.

Since the guitar, she soon began to write most of the songs on the ukulele ,laying out the record on video service YouTube. In 2008, the year it was first invited to give a performance in `Pianos Bar` in New York City (New York). On his return, Daniel packed up and decided to completely move to the capital of independent music, and at the same time one of its songs - `Conversations with Dead People` - was posted on the YouTube homepage ,so that just a few hours the number of views and subscribers has increased several times.

The first album `Danielle Ate the Sandwich` and ` Tings People Do`, issued in 2007 and 2009, were popular among her Internet fans, but spared the famous charts and charts. The third work - the album `Two Bedroom Apartment` - already in the first days of interest received by the audience and critics and took the 5th place in the hit parade of the best performers iTunes service.

In 2010, Anderson appeared on ` razogreve` the popular indie -folk group ` Mumford and Sons`,and later often participated in various festivals in North America. To record a fourth album `Like a King` Danielvospolzovalas KickStarter site and in just a few days collected 6000 dollars to pay for the studio and record data; the album was released in the middle of 2012.

To date, as is known,`Danielle Ate the Sandwich` working on writing the fifth solo album, as well as giving presentations. After leaving New York, she settled in Minnesota (Minnesota), who gave the world the most famous rock and folk musicians in the world - Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan). In 2013, the year the photo, Daniel got on the cover of the autumn issue of the journal `Ukulele`.

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