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Date of Birth: 07/23/1989

Age: 27

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Mage and magician Daniel Radcliffe

Start a career

Daniel Radcliffe was born in Fulham area of ??London July 23, 1989. His father was engaged in literary and publishing, and her mother works as a director in television casting. As a child, the parents of Daniel and carefully looked after, of course, played a significant role in the promotion of his acting career. Craving for art manifested itself in a young magician at an early age. He was barely 5 years old, and he has appeared on stage in the form of a monkey. Now Daniel ashamed of that first experience, and he is afraid that the video of the performance will be in the media.

Parents do not interfere with the creative impulses of the son, but first of all wanted to give him an education. They made Daniel to a good private school and hoped that his son forget his passion. But he has not forgotten. Radcliffe tried to persuade parents to allow him to audition for the role of Oliver Twist, but they were strongly opposed. There was a few failures. Finally, in 1998, they decided to give him a chance.

Daniel easily bypassed on the casting of several hundred boys and won the role of young David Copperfield in the film, which was released on the BBC channel. His film debut picture producer Kate Harwood said that Radcliffe has two wonderful qualities - naturalness and innocence. She added that it is very easy to operate.

In 2001, Daniel Radcliffe played a cameo role in the film `The Tailor of Panamy`. His co-star was the actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who knew that in the UK are in full samples for the lead role in the film adaptation of the novel in the Harry Potter series. According to the actress, once she saw Daniel`s by the pool and she had an idea that it would be perfectly suited to the role of a little magician. Curtis was right, but it must have happened more than one set of circumstances, to her thoughts became a reality.


Director Chris Columbus 9 months looking for an actor for the role of Harry Potter in the film `Harry Potter and the Sorcerer kamen` (2001). He looked about 16 thousand applicants, but a suitable candidate was not. Once the director came across a video cassette tape with `David Kopperfild`, and after the show he invited to the casting of Daniel Radcliffe. Parents rebelled and said they would not release his son. They still hoped that he would continue to study and choose to itself any other profession.

As is often the case, all decided the case. One producer David Heyman picture at the theater during a break in play and noticed a boy with huge eyes, which was read openness and curiosity. He thought that these qualities are perfect for the image of Harry Potter. When the boy called his father, Heymann recognized him as his old friend Alan Radcliffe. It was fate, oppose that Daniel`s parents did not have.

In August 2000, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe have approved the main roles in the film Harry Potter. Author JK Rowling novels personally approved the selection of the director, saying that the best Potter could not be found. After the release of the first part followed by a second - `Harry Potter and the Secret komnata` (2002). Radcliffe received no less glory than the film itself. He turned into a universal favorite, and his face graced the cover of the world`s media. In addition, he became incredibly rich. If the first film actor received a fee of 150 thousand dollars, the fourth - `Harry Potter and the Goblet ognya` (2005) - already 5.6 million! Now the state of Radcliffe estimated at 40 million dollars.

The last film to date about the little magician was the picture of `Harry Potter and the Deathly Smerti`, which was divided into two parts, published in 2010 and 2011. The story of Harry Potter has not lost its popularity, as evidenced by the huge box office movies.

Other projects

In 2012, for the first time in the last 5 years, Daniel Radcliffe starred in the film, non-potteriadoy. In the mystical thriller `Woman in chernom` actor he played the role of a young lawyer who is sent to a remote village affairs, and face to face with evil. The film was received by critics rather reserved, can not be said about these two projects. TV Series `Notes of a young vracha` (2012) based on the stories of Bulgakov and polubiograficheskaya drama `Kill their lyubimyh` (2013) proved to Radcliffe`s career more successful. Finally, the actor, who was trying to prove to the audience as the diversity of his talent, was able to convince them of their professionalism and skills.

Although more sophisticated audience, Daniel has long ceased to be a boy-magician.

In 2007, the actor shocked everyone naked view in the theatrical production `Ekvus`, where he had to play the patient`s psychiatric hospital. Radcliffe admitted that it was the first step in order to remove the stigma Potter. At the same time, he does not run and does not renounce this way, just as every actor wants to show himself the most versatile.

In addition to filming a movie in the theater and performances, Daniel Radcliffe writes poetry, plays guitar and engaged in social activities. In particular, it is known the struggle for gay rights and actively oppose homophobia. In 2009, Radcliffe began acting in commercials for the project `Trevor`, which deals with the prevention of suicides of teenagers with gay and provides educational materials on homosexuality. These activities Daniel considers an important part of his career.

Once the little wizard Daniel Radcliffe has long grown up and became a man. As long as he does not have a clear plan for the future life, he was just a young actor, who has a lot of what you need to learn. According to Daniel, his success he owes to the people who could see his talent and given the chance to realize themselves. And if they will continue to help the actor, the audience more than once will be able to enjoy playing the idol of a whole generation.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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