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Specialists melodic rock "Danger danger" came together in 1987. The founders of this glorious team were bass guitarist Bruno Reyvel and drummer Steve West, and completed the acquisition of the composition vocalist Ted Poly, guitarist Andy Timmons and keyboardist Casey Smith. Group fairly quickly able to attract the attention of the representative of "Epic records" Lenny Petz,at one time the world discovered the "Boston" and Cyndi Lauper. Lenny had just founded his unit "Imagine records" and "Danger danger" became his first clients.

Released in 1989 -m "Imagine / Epic" debut album was ranked in the "Billboard" 88 th place and received the "Gold" status. While the team toured the company`s "Kiss", Alice Cooper,"Warrant" and "Extreme", two of her compositions ("Naughty naughty" and "Bang bang") firmly entrenched in the television and radio. The second plate, "! Screw it", also contained two hits - "Monkey business" and "I still think about you".

Danger danger "Danger danger" again warmed up "Kiss", but this time in front of a European audience,and then held a sold-out tour of Japan as headliners. In 1993, under the wing of "Sony" the band began recording their third album, "Cockroach".

When the session came to an end of the command dumped Ted Poly. He was replaced by Canadian Paul Lane and all the vocals rewritten. However,Poly started legal showdown with former colleagues, and output "Cockroach" had to be postponed indefinitely.As a result, the band parted ways with "Sony" and in 1995 founded his own label "Low dice records".

The first release in the new place was the album "Dawn".Due to the rough and tumble of the preceding record was markedly different from previous work and looked gloomy and introspective. The situation was corrected in 1998, when he left for the traditional "Danger danger" melodic rock album "Four the hard way".The disc received very good reviews all over the world and has been recognized as a classic of the genre.

Danger dangerSvoyu cemented the reputation of the group release "The return of the great gildersleeves". Finally, the long-awaited "Cockroach" managed to release the 2001 team.To avoid troubles album released on two CDs: Paul Lane and with original vocalist Ted Poly. The result was unexpected - "Cockroach" had incredible success in many countries fell into the top ten. The following year, the music channel "VH1" enrolled "Danger danger" in the "Top 40 hairbands of all time", relegating the team 25th place in this list. In 2003, the band released a compilation of rare and previously unrealized tracks "Rare cuts".

Compiling in high demand, and in its wake the team held a European tour (the first after a decade). error status: 400

Age: 7 years

Citizenship: United States

Soul of American fashion

`Current / Elliott` - American fashion label,created in July 2008 Karrent Emily (Emily Current), Merritt Elliott (Meritt Elliott) and Serge Azria (Serge Azria). Shoots label clothing for both men and women; It focuses primarily on dresses of denim (denim). The project `Current / Elliot` became a joint project of the two stylists - Karrent Emily and Merritt Elliott. Acquainted,women quickly realized that they share a similar view of the fashionable thing - and, in particular, to the wonders that you can create out of denim. Succeed their joint project helped to support Serge Azria; his invaluable experience and an incredible inner energy,coupled with an incredible sense of style and Elliot Karrent helped to create an incredibly effective alliance.

Serge Azria currently holds the position of CEO, creative director and head of the label. Almost every creation has a label and its contribution -error status: 400In ten years of activity of Emily and Merritt worked together brilliantly; the results of their work with pleasure enjoys a number of prominent celebrities. Karrent Elliott and believe in the victory of the individual over the serial approach, do not recognize most of the currently existing fashion trends and enjoy the mix,error status: 400Betsy Eisenberg (Betsee Isenberg). Eisenberg manages exhibition hall `10eleven` and is considered one of the most prominent experts in the field of avant-garde and haute couture. Exhibition Hall it is also known to the whole country; needless to say,support such an authoritative character went label exclusively on using help reach a new level.

In the work of `Current / Elliott` embodied a fundamentally new and cutting-edge approach to American classics. Elliot and Karrent, as has been said before, myself especially in the framework of the popular style decisions do not conclude; this,error status: 400error status: 400Each creation is `Current / Elliott` something unique and not similar to other in principle. Finally, to complete the portrait of the label can be, saying that clothes `C / E` happy to wear Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker), Kate Beckinsale (Kate Beckinsale) and Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie),and only their opinion and a sense of taste is trust

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