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The 60 -ies in America was quite well known artist Andy Uorhols (Andy Warhols). This is in honor of him and decided to call his new team Courtney Taylor - Taylor, former drummer for glam -rock band "Beauty stab".Courtney addition of the "Dandy Warhols" were guitarist Peter Holmstrom, error status: 400and with the acquisition of some famous decided to release their debut album. For publishing the disc took a local label "Tim / Kerr Records".

The titles of the songs "Dandy`s rule, OK?" musicians made references to their roots. For example,in compositions featured Lou Reed ("Lou Weed"), "Ride" ("Ride"), "T.Rex" ("The Coffee and Tea Wrecks") and. .. themselves "Dandy Warhols" ("The Dandy Warhols` TV theme song ").

Dandy Warhols material presented on the record labels interested majeure, and by 1997 the team received a contract from the "Capitol records".At the new place team debuted with the album "The Dandy Warhols come down".

There is also not without tributes, and one of the songs ("Cool as Kim Deal") was dedicated to the singer "Breeders" and former bassist "Pixies". However, the most successful song was "Not if you were the last junkie on Earth",which became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. In support of the album, the band held a tour in the company of "Teenage fanclub" and "Radiohead". Despite the success of "The Dandy Warhols come down" team left Hedford turned- DJ.

Courtney his departure does not embarrass and shock frontman planted for his cousin Brent Deboera.Over the next album, the team worked for nearly a year, and the release of "Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia" was held in the spring of 2000. Of course, and here it was the dedication - one of the guys wrote songs in honor of the famous philosopher Nietzsche.

Dandy Warhols But the most successful was the track "Bohemian Like You",written under the influence of the "Rolling Stones". This composition had a permanent residence permit on the student radio stations, as well as hit the soundtracks to the films "Six feet under", "Igby goes down", "Summer catch". In the end, the American edition of "Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia" topped 100,000 copies,and in many European countries, the album received a Platinum or Gold statuserror status: 400On the "Welcome to the monkey house" (the name is borrowed from the work of Kurt Vonnegut) Courtney and Nick shared between a producer`s functions, as well as a guest vocalist made "Duran Duran" Simon Le Bon. As a result,the plate was filled with sound and synths reminiscent of New veyvovom period of the 80s. But the next year nakonetsthen came the long-awaited "Black album", put on the shelf "Capitol" back in 1996.

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