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Way two prominent American guitarist, Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw crossed more than once, so it is no wonder that in their minds the idea to organize a joint project. The show has already managed to get away from the "Styx" and was engaged in solo career, finishing with "Ambition" album. Nugent is also completed work on the next drive, and they are with Tommy began to prepare material for the future of the group.

In preparation for the musicians know that "Night ranger" collapsed, and immediately decided to steal to his bass player of this team, Jack Blades. Jack said yes ,and thus in 1989, it came to light a new supergroup "Damn Yankees".

The problem was only a drummer, and a man was found in the person of then- obscure Michael Kartellone. Learning about the emergence of a new team with star names in the business got involved majeure record company. Damn YankeesOsnovnymi contenders for the contract with the "Damn Yankees" had "Geffen records" and "Warner bros.", And the victory went to the last of them. In 1990, with producer Ron Nevison quartet recorded their debut album. Slightly weighted melodic hard rock fell on the taste of the American public,plate and took thirteenth position in the "Billboard". Songs "Damn Yankees" perfectly fit into the radio format, and "High enough" especially loved by the audience ballad. The single from this song was ranked in third place national charts. In support of the album the team organized a global American tour together with "Bad company".An essential attribute of concerts "Damn Yankees" was included in the program of things from the repertoire of "Styx", "Night ranger" and Ted Nugent, which significantly increased their attendance. For the creation of the second album " Damn Yankees " took in 1992. "Don`t tread" continued precursor line and contained even one explicit lyrics - "Where you goin` now".

Damn YankeesNo, despite the fact that the album was ranked in the charts good position (22th place) , he sold much worse than the debut album. "Damn Yankees" pogastrolirovali a little, and then stopped their activities. Shaw Blades do album "Hallucination", and Nugent returned to his solo work. Then Shaw was reunited with "Styx",and Blades returned to the "Night ranger", and the project "DY" finally collapsed. His second life group tried to start in 1998. "Damn Yankees" signed a contract with "Portrait records" and set out to record a new album.

However, Tommy and Michael and could not really focus on the "DY",and their place in the team appeared Damon Johnson (guitar, vocals) and Kigi Kelly (drums, ex- "Night ranger"). Substitution in the not become a catalyst for studio work, and instead of a full new album, fans have received a collection of "Essentials" in 2002.

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