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Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul (Vinnie Paul), as well as guitarist Daymbeg

Darrell (Dimebag Darrell) founded a new group called Damageplan.nastoyaschee time the newly formed team is working on recording debyutnogoalboma `` New Found Power``,Release is planned for February, 10th. Nemenee However, according to them, a new project - not a substitute for the Pantera, but only popytkazanyatsya something new, is located in the main group prodolzhitelnomotpuske.

In addition to the above musicians, composed of former Damageplan guitarist entered

Diesel Machine Patrick Lachman (Patrick Lachman),turned- vvokalista and bassist Bobzilla. Among the guest musicians - Zakk

Wylde, Ozzy Osbourne`s guitarist, and Corey Taylor of Slipknot.

`` We wrote the music, investing in it his whole soul, - says Paul. -

For the most part it was written for us, but for our loyalnyhfanov who have been with us all these years, too.Pantera is for us, of course, but it`s time to move dalshe``.

The last album to date Pantera `` Reinventing the Steel`` was published in

2000 year. It debuted at # 4 in the Billboard charts, and his tirazhsostavvil 593,000 discs in the United States.

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