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2 Grammy, 2 Sourse Awards Prize14 million records sold - here are some of the achievements of this Detroit team.

D12 Project (reduced from the Dirty Dozen - " The Dirty Dozen ") was established in 1990 in Detroit, Michigan. The founder of the group was Dishon Holton, who took his stage name Proof. The main idea was to unite Dishon rap artists ,have an opinion and express it all ready. Later, five more musicians joined this idea - Bizzare (Rufus Johnson) , Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers the Third) , Eiy Kyu, Fuzz, and Killa Hawk. D12 becomes a sextet, where each of the participants of the project under the pseudonym, and together form a dozen musicians, including thosewho takes part in your own projects. Soon the group attempts to record their first album, but recording studio, where the band had to publish its material, ruined and closed. There are serious changes in the team - left the band a few of its members. To replace the departed musiciansEminem and Bizzare decide to invite Kon Artis (dinonyl Porter) , Kuniva (Von Karslayl) and Bugz (Karneyl Paul Pitts) . In 1999, Bugs shot at a party. After the tragic events in the D12 comes Swift (Ondrej Moore) - so finally formed part of the team.The band continues to perform with their own projects and at the same time take part in the D12.

In 2000, the band signed with Interscope Records and started work on their debut album with producer becomes the legendary Dr. Dre (Dr. Dre). D12 loudly declare themselves debut album "Devil`s Night",published in June 2001.

The first single of the album are the songs "Fight Music" and "Purple Pills", later renamed the "Purple Hills` due to the fact that many radio stations refused to take into rotation song called, vaguely reminiscent of one of the narcotic drugs. The album immediately took first place in hit-US and UK charts. D12 is recorded together with Gorillaz composition titled "911". In 2002, Eminem D12 help record his album "The Eminem Show" and take part in the recording of the soundtrack for the film " 8 Mile ," in which the main role played by Eminem. At the end of 2003, the band began working with Shady Records - studiofounded by Eminem. The work in the studio becomes the album "D12 World", recorded in 2004 under the leadership of Dr. Dre. The first single of the album became a composition "My Band". The disc also includes collaborations with Cypress Hill and 50 cents. Detroit musicians not only firmly secured its commercial success,but also become the protagonists of modern hip- hop scene.

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