Picture of D.r.i.

Year of birth : 1982

Age: 33 year

Citizenship : United States


The history of "Dirty rotten imbeciles" (D.R.I.) began May 2, 1982 at 4:00 am Texas time.

That`s when Spike Cassidy (guitar) , Kurt Brecht (vocals) Eric Brecht (drums) and Dennis Johnson (bass) released their first " dirty rotting " noise, calling him a song. It happened at home Brecht brothers, and returned to the work of their father expressed his opinion on this matter in the following words : "... you bunch of dirty rotten imbeciles". Having thus obtained the title,the team began to rehearse intensively and two months later played their first concert in Houston. In the autumn of the same year, the guys recorded "Dirty rotten EP", stuffing 18 - minute seven-inch 22 compositions.

In 1983, this release has been re-released in LP format and has been gaining popularity in the underground circles. In the same year "D.R.I." They moved to SanFrancisco, reasonably believing that they are more suitable for hardcore there the public. Johnson soon returned to Texas. New bassist Sebastian Amok, struck in the team before the end of the tour "Rock against Reagan", in which the guys shared the stage with "Dead Kennedys".

Then chetyrehstrunku took Josh Papp ,and after the EP "Violent pacification" Eric Brecht married and make room for Felix Griffin. During the sessions "Dealing with it" from the group temporarily left Josh and bass were recorded by Spike, although the official position taken Miki Offender. This album had a metallic taste, but the foundation was still traditional hardcore. Meanwhile, the team has achieved cult status, which contribute much to a big fan of "D.R.I." Dave Lombardo of "Slayer". Disc title in 1987, "Crossover", clearly marked trend of further metallization sound. Press even dubbed the group " main band crossover. "In concert, the group could find a motley audience such as skinheads, punks and metalheads.

In 1988 born the album "Four of the kind", which became one of the best in the discography of "D.R.I.". At the same time it was rekmikshirovan and reissued "Dirty rotten LP", diluted compositions with "Violent pacification".In the same year " imbeciles " rode with concerts in Europe and America, and at the end of the tour went to Josh Papp "Gang green". He was replaced by John Menor, which debuted on the disk "Trash zone".

The permutations were not over, and after Felix Griffin gave way to the exit of the plate to Rob REMP. In the first live album " D.r.i. was recorded while on tour in 1992", Which was released two years later there was another replacement Soon bassist -. It was a former roadie group Chamlou Porter After the release of the next album ,." Full speed ahead ", the team was left for the North American tour, but had to cancel part of the Canadian ,because Rob and Spike are having problems with the local police (guys drunk sitting behind the wheel) .

In August 1999, it had to expel Chamlou. The next bass player became a longtime friend of the band Harald Oimo previously the former is always waiting in the wings, and fulfill any orders, ranging from photographs and ending with setting up guitars. In the middle of 2000 at the " D.r.i." There were problems with the label and management. After the trials, and the musicians had to part with that and the other. Perhaps it influenced the fact that the last time the group moved away from the studio, preferring to engage in tour activity.