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First there was the Bust A.S.!, Then Sir-J had just arrived from the United States, where he lived with his parents 12 years of age.

His father worked in the UN Secretariat in New York. He and writer and performer, wrote a lot of things Tolkunova. It was his hobby. But in fact, he is a geologist. And the whole family Sir- J`ya geologists. Bust A.S.! - The so- called group, which included Leeas,Nail and the aforementioned Sir-J. It was in 1989 year. The following year, the boys were introduced to MD & C Pavlov, and in 1991 recorded with him on one thing Bust A.S.!. 1992 brought a familiarity with Ladjack- th, with the result that already in 1993 there is the well- known group D.O.B. (Bust A.S.! + Ladjack).Flava Of A Big Profit - At the same time the first joint hit was recorded. This name became the slogan of the whole team - these words are written on the logo of the group under the skeleton sitting on the toilet (it invented Ladjack with his friend) . Everyone in the team played music and read only Sir-J and Oleg (Ladjack).Soon there was another significant event - acquaintance with Legalize`om with whom LadJack`a was his project, called Slingshot. Sir-J also continued with its Bust A.S.!. The group left the legacy of the album, released on cassette only a very small circulation some polupiratskoy office. The album was called Pregnant Wit Skillz by Sir- J`eya composition of the same name, and it can be said is the most an underground release (if you can call it that) Russian rap. A little later there was a merger of several groups, which were formed as a result of the union of the whole family called D.O.B. Community -besides those already mentioned heroes here also included children from Slaves Lamps - Jeep and Grundig (Sir-J has long been familiar with the Jeep and Grundig and Legalize grew up together, played in a sandbox. ..) . Around this time Ladjack slightly moved away from rap and started DJing. Legendary is the banner itself D.O.B. Legalize he picked up, who formed a duet with Sir- J`em. And in 1997 on the label Elias took just two releases from the Community: this album Slaves Lamps " It does not hurt. ", Which continued the ideas KTL Dill (the first group of Jeep) and each second composition has anti-drug anthem - still many fans of Russian rap believe this is the best album in the history - and DOB "Rushun Roolett"- The most hardcore album in the history of Russian rap : it is completely English-language (Russian language sounds in only one verse Legalize, intro, hermitage and track Slaves Lamps - thus, students met with a new name in the rap scene) , most of the tracks are written exactly duet Sir-J + Legalize,Ladjack participated in only a few compositions. By the way, the stories of the artists themselves, this album can claim the record for time spent on his record : sometimes in a single day in the studio with zero recorded several songs, which later was to become legendary classics. Immediately thereafter Legalize for the search of new adventures, new inspiration flies in the Congo, where he continued his rap as part of a local group Aeroskwadra (incidentally, one of the members of this group was a man who is now working closely with the famous Busta Flex), and Sir-J decides to tie for some time with hip-hop - he had a family ,I had to earn money, which at that time could not be obtained on the hip-hop (it is now the guys themselves say that they are living with the performances, besides receiving a percentage of sales of CDs and cassettes) . For two years he worked in Jino good, prestigious company and in no way dealt with the music. From this point - while the league has returned to Russia - Sir-J Legalize and went a little different ways, while preserving each other great, not so much friendly as fraternal relations. League started working solo, then a duet with Pansy in the "legal Bizne $$ e", then with Vlad Gross formed the Bad B. Alliance, then went to Prague and recorded an album with the U- 13 team. Around this time, in 2000, already in the RAP Recordz label release came two more of Community family : it was a collection of unpublished archival of old things, which is called D.O.B. Community " Archive : 1992-1996 " (in the collection includes solo tracks and Sir-J

` Her and Legalize, and groups Bust A.S.!, Slingshot, D.O.B.,The New Testament (one of the first projects of Grundig, a duet with vitriol) , KTL Dill) and the album D.O.B. " MS - Master of the Word ", which brought together on the same tape solo and collaborative tracks Sir- J`eya League and recorded from 1997 to 2000. A serious blow suffered D.O.B.Community: in the process of recording the first proper full-length album is Community " 100 Hedges overcome " dies of a drug overdose Alex " Grundig " Perminov. The tragedy took place on June 12, 2000 - this day became a black day for all the calendar not only for friends of this man of genius, but also for all fans of his talent. Another " minus" in a large family became Simon, who left the team. And now, the basic composition of the trio is considered Community Sir-J, Jeep, Money Mike. In the recording of " breaking the 100 barrier " involved more and nail, and groin, and the same Yori. Furthermore, on the disk (the first release, which was released not only on cassette ,but also on CD) can be heard from a Russian recitative Ladjack`a and new couplets Grundig. How came the decision to make such music ? Sir-J was born in Zyuzin, but conscious life lived in Zagorsk - is the one that now Sergiev Posad. Before leaving for America, as he himself says, he was not at podsazhen on black music, and listened to ,that brought him an advanced father. In the US, Sir-J left in 1986 - back in 1990. When he came back, there is still no one knew anything about rap, therefore, turned out to be a trump card in the school. Now the guys love funk music, and Sir-J says that her and raised. Therefore, it is likely, and became interested in hip-hop music in the United States. They all do not like the word rap, and in America the old school people do not like the word, preferring the " hip- hop ". That`s because of the rap made a terrible shnyaga. It`s like if the street they were asked, "Who are you? " And they would say : " Rappers ! " - " A -ah !! - say - like Eminem with his team ! ". With rap, please, whatever you want,something with it, and do it. A hip- hop - it`s ours, and we can not deny. . Besides hip hop - it`s a movement. It includes a lot of directions : MC -ing (recitative) , DJ-ing (the game on the plates) , breakdance and graffiti. Many people are now trying to write in this series extreme, but this is absolutely not the movement of hip- hop. Who does what in life besides music? Each of them has been very different things. For example, Money Mike Glass with Sir-J window. Jeep is working in a well-known advertising company. Yori - engaged in cinema, she and director and screenwriter. Nail - a veterinarian, specializing in dogs. Ladlack been DJing -he is now on " Radio 107 " leads the program. Godfather - sound engineer, working in the studio. Where like to play more? If you choose a platform for performances, certainly more to like to perform in the open air. They return more. And when the team goes on tour and performs in enclosed spaces - a terrible sound. Echo runs only when stuffed full hall of people. The most significant performances in the life of the group. The very first performance was in Gorky Park in life in 1992 with MC Solaar, the most famous French rapper in our country. He was then invited to perform for the first time in Russia. Then Sir-J with Jimmy G were composed BUST A.S.!.They were alone with him at the concert of French stars, and before that MC Solaar heard in a closed club and get to know yourself. And when they came to his statement the following day, he would not notice in advance, literally pulled them to the stage where they were given a couple of freestyle. The MC Solaar program was 8 and one of things that is a minus ,MC Solaar has given young friends completely. They were not scared and did not broken off. It was a shock not the number of people standing in front of the stage, and that behind them podtantsovyvat himself MC Solaar. In 1993 they performed at the "White Nights " with Doctor Dre - is the leading known TV program MTV YO! RAPS. It was broadcast on many channels. Well communicated with Ice-T: sitting with him at the bar, they were treated to beer. Prichet himself Ice-T does not drink and does not smoke. And when, towards morning, imnado had to leave for another club in the speech - he asked to stay : "I do not know what to do here ! ". they hang out there lit normal ! The guys never thought that a man who listened to 15 years ,see next to each other at a table in the club. And how many movies and albums with his participation had been heard and seen ! And he was sitting right in front of them! Drinking fans. The team is pleased that they listened to, not only 15 -year-olds, but also 25 -year-old. Although even, of course, at least five years. They just glad that they listened to people who have already awakened consciousness.And not just stupid fanaticism. They already think about the texts. And the boys always with respect for their fans. Everything runs properly. Says: " We communicate whenever asked - give autographs, but we do not for familiarity, and beer together will not drink Occasionally, though, it is that much mentally and physically exhausted,.. if you do not want to talk with anyone. But it is rare, and it should be understood. And when the streets are suitable, we communicate easily. " Landmarks. The guys believe that to communicate and gain experience for them now is real France, Germany. There are now dvizhuha such a plague. Why are all now bursting in America? They`ve got a rap. Russia there just resting. Is there any man in the street, having no contract, takes us all together. Of course, this is somewhat exaggerated, but there is so developed that even there it is not necessary to meddle. And Europe - it`s ours. They are very close to us. In France - it negros, Germany - Arabs, whites. On vacation. A team of family rest in the country. Recently we were baptize, near St. Petersburg. It is 600 kilometers from Moscow and another 50 kilometers inland. There`s just a game, Mesozoic. They floated there by boat along the Dvina. They were accompanied on the shore of Moose. At this point, before the revolution, his grandmother Sir-J was the estate. And now there is even the foundation was left of it. But there is a lot at Lee `s mother.What`s next? It is now ready and waiting for the release of several albums : firstly, it is a new album D.O.B. The Community, which feature was the fact that the music is not out there in charge of Sir-J, and invited friends and beatmaker : Al Solo, Ladjack, Krypton, DJ L.A., Master Spensor, KIT, to Dr. N-Drey, pencil and others. This ensures a very interesting album ,versatile sound, as often happens in the foreign releases. Second, the band produced solo albums, which will be pronounced is their unique style : with the fall should come out of the Jeep and solo performances Sir- J`eya. Mani Mike will shoot later. The third album of the duo is ready to Sir-J and Legalize, which will include archives ,unreleased tracks, the legendary hits after remastering and new compositions. However, this release has been Legalize who wants just to hold it, well prepared to release on his label " intelligent Hooligan Productions". And fourthly, in plans to release another archival collection, which will include oldlittle- known compositions.

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