Cyrus Vance

Picture of Cyrus Vance

Date of Birth: 03/27/1917

Age: 84

Place of Birth: Clarksburg

Citizenship: United States

57th US Secretary of State

Cyrus Roberts Vance was born on March 27, 1917 th, in Clarksburg, West Virginia (Clarksburg, West Virginia). His father, an insurance agent and landowner John Carl Vance, died of pneumonia in 1922. His mother, Roberts Vance, involved in public affairs. Cyrus graduated from a private school Kent School in 1935 and received a bachelor`s degree from Yale University in 1939. He graduated from Yale Law School in 1942.

During the Second World War, Vance served in the US military, the navy, as a gunner on a destroyer `USS Hale`, until 1945. Upon returning to civilian life, he was admitted to the law firm `Simpson Thacher & Bartlett` in New York (New York City), and later transferred to the civil service.

When Cyrus was 29 years old, he married Grace Elsie `Gey` Sloan February 15, 1947-th. She was the daughter of the chairman of the board of the New York furniture company `W. & J. Sloane`. The couple had five children.

Vance was the chief legal adviser of the Ministry of Defence and then Minister of Army Administration at John F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy). He remained in the post of minister, when army units were sent to the north of the Mississippi (Mississippi), to protect James Meredith (James Meredith), a fighter for the rights of blacks, and make sure that a court order to conduct the integration of enforceable at the University of Mississippi.

As Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Lyndon Johnson (Lyndon Johnson), Vance initially supported the war in Vietnam (Vietnam) at the end of 1960, but later changed his position and resigned. In 1968, he was one of the delegates at the talks in Paris (Paris), and a year later earned a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Later, Vance became a professor at Georgetown UniversitetaKak Secretary of State during the administration of Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Carter), Vance insisted on negotiating and establishing economic ties with the Soviet Union. He often faced with militant national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski (Zbigniew Brzezinski), referring to the Soviet Union as a defeated enemy. The relationship between Vance and Brzezinski were quite unfriendly.

With the participation of the Vance agreement was signed the SALT-II with the USSR and agreed on the transfer of Panama (Panama) Panama Canal Zone. After the Torrijos-Carter Treaties and the Camp David agreement Vance influence in the administration began to wane, while the position Brzezinski increased. Cyrus role in negotiations with China was a minor, and his advice on the Iranian regime have been ignored.

When Iran was seized 52amerikanskih hostage, Vance was actively involved in the negotiations, but to no avail. After Carter finally ordered a rescue military operation `kogot` Eagle, Vance resigned in protest. Cyrus felt that the rescue attempt was too risky, and did not even watch it. In the end, it ended in complete failure. Moreover, a military helicopter crashed in the plane standing on the airfield during refueling, and it cost the lives of eight members of the crew. The second rescue operation and has remained in the planning stage.

Since 1980 Vance again worked in the company `Simpson Thacher & Bartlett`, as well as at the request of the United Nations participated in various negotiations. He died January 12, 2002-th, after a long battle with pneumonia and Alzheimer`s disease. In 2012, actor Bob Gunton (Bob Gunton) Vance played in the movie `` Operation Argo`.