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Year of birth: 1988

Age: 27 years

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, USA

Citizenship: United States


Project "Cynic" was born in November 1987 thanks to the efforts of guitarist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert. Picking composition ended with the appearance of Marcus Van Earp (bass) and Jack Kelly (vocals). This configuration is performed early brutal death metal, which sometimes shows the influence of commands such as "Venom","Possessed", "Kreator" and "Destruction".

This composition was also presented on the first demo "Cynic", released in 1988. In the same year Jack Kelly parted ways with "cynic", vocal duties assumed Masvidal, and took the role of guitarist Jason tapestry.

In 1989, the band released the second demo of four tracks, "Reflections of a dying world", Is a blend of speed- metal thrash, dilute a little punk elements.From this point the team began to tour within Florida, and as a result almost immediately began to appear bootlegs. After the departure of Mark bass he picked up a Tony Choi, whom their third demo "Cynic" was recorded.

At this stage, the musical influence on the band changed.And though the guys listened respectfully type "Atheist" contemporariesThey also discovered Chick Corea, Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth and "WathcTower". This helped them take a big step in its development, and since early 1991, the band performed the progressive AIDS - death metal. Also in 1991 ,the fourth and last "cynical" demo was recorded. It consisted of three tracks and was funded from the budget "Roadrunner records". Subsequently, a couple of things from him in a highly modified form got on the debut album "Cynic". Since April 1991, the musicians were active in other projects.Paul and Shaun helped Schuldiner on the album "Human", Tony Choi participated in recording "Unquestionable Presence" from the "Atheist" and "Testimony of the Ancients" from "Pestilence", and Jason worked in "Monstrocity" above "Imperial Doom".

All of these third-party enthusiasm helped to increase fan base "Cynic", has not yet had the more than one independent album. Recording long play scheduled to start at the end of sessions, "Human", but instead of the studio "cynics" appeared on the European tour in company with "Death". A record output of all postponed and postponed. First hurricane destroyed the house of Jason, who was the rehearsal base of the group.Then drag Reinert Schuldiner planned to record "Individual thought patterns".

Finally in 1992, a single track, "Uroboric forms", received the "official status" hitting roadrannerovskuyu compilation "At death`s door II". This compilation was a sign that the album "Cynic" vyydetv May of 1993, but the release did not take place again. Instead,the group left, Tony Choy, who moved to "Atheist". After much anguish need a replacement was found in the person of Sean Malon. Finally, all obstacles have been removed, and in September 1993 the band yet issued their first album. "Focus" is strikingly different from previous works and was made in a completely new way.After the release of "Cynic" I went to Europe to play the opening act for "Pestilence".

By this time the group has expanded to a quintet due to the emergence growler Tony Teegarden, who in addition to growl sometimes took the keys in his hands. Malone had not been able to go on tour and he is replaced by Chris Kringel. Returning home,"Cynic" pleased with the Florida audience several concerts and went to other states tour opening for "Cannibal corpse". At the end of the tour team left Teagarden and Malone. The band began work on their second album, but the colleague could not decide where to go next.To get out of the crisis, they decided to dissolve the "Cynic",and then everyone went his own way.

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Cynic photo
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