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Birthplace : Omaha, United States

Citizenship : United States


In contrast to the new characters ,due to which the sincere and as the name suggests, emotional genre rapidly commercialized, the founders of the style true to their original ideals. One of these bright and non-pop emo - Team is a group of - Cursive recently released a new album, "Happy Hollow".Today, the most popular trend in alternative music is emo. Unlike the new heroes that make this sincere and as the name suggests, emotional genre rapidly commercialized, the founders of the style true to their original ideals. One of these bright and non-pop emo - Team is a group -Cursive recently released a new album, "Happy Hollow".

Cursive history began in the mid-90s, when emo was formed only as a trend. Current favorites teenagers - such as Fall Out Boy, Funeral For A Friend, The Used, and many others, - would never have become famous ,It has not appeared in 1994 on the label "Sub Pop" artist Sunny Day Real Estate. Having inherited the spirit of Nirvana`s, punk frenzy and melancholy Fugazi The Cure, they laid a powerful bomb, detonate only after ten years. Their followers, interesting and original group : Jimmy Eat World, Mineral, Joan Of Arc, Promise Ring, Rainer Maria -in those days it was not appreciated.

From the same cage and Cursive,, is now influential musicians, and then, in 1995 - another group of comrades, inspired by the success of Sunny Day Real Estate. Tim Kasher, Matt Maginn, Clint Shnaze and Steve Pederson, not to win the laurels of Slowdown Virginia projectCursive named himself and signed a contract with the label "Saddle Creek" on the issue of the seven - dyuymovka "Sucker & Dry". The debut was a success : strong vocals, ragged sound and interesting melodies allowed the band released in 1997 a full-fledged album, "Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes" on a major label "Crank!".Over the next year the band strenuously wrote new material. Split with a group of Silver Scooter has been published in "Crank!", A seven - dyuymovka followed him "The Disruption" and the second studio release "The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song" were again released on "Saddle Creek" in late 1998 of the year.For 40 minutes, Tim Kasher led lyrical narrative of the hero, is in a deep depression, and musicians accompanied the story aggressive sound. Rave reviews on the plate was not followed, and members of Cursive went to their own projects. Maginn and Shnaze joined groups Commander Venus and Bright Eyes.Pederson went to study law at Duke University, and Kasher married and moved to Portland.

Tim Family turmoil that led two years later to the complete collapse of the relationship and divorce couples, however, have breathed new life into the work of the group. Experiencing the bitterness of parting, the musician threw all the emotional strength to Cursive recoveryand created the solo project of Good Life. Replacing absorbed study Pedersen at Ted Stevens (ex-Lullaby For The Working Class), in 2000, the band created a disk, which has become the hallmark of the group. The album "Domestica" marked the beginning of the cult status of Cursive and elevated to the rank of Casher emo hero. The entire plate -a story about the relationship between two people, which clearly discern Kasher and his wife Kim. They call each other " sweet " and " Baby " and find out the relationship in each song. " Suspecting each other of infidelity, passing through the mutual hatred and misunderstanding, they, in the end, stay together " - Tim fantasized. With the permission of the musician ,the label placed on the insert disk explanation: " Finally disillusioned with life and have lost their last illusions, Tim Kasher divorced and although he will solemnly assure you the full innocence of his biography to what is happening on the record, the association is too transparent. ".

"I spent a lot of time to write lyrics ,and it was more like a self-examination, because I went through what to say, "- Tim remembers a result, the disc was one of the most remarkable records of the year and create a stir in the independent US charts piercing lyrics, aggressive melodic line, and emotional state.. Tim vocals, ranging from a whisper to a helpless desperate roar ,It has finally been appreciated. The audience was impressed by the rock opera framed by ragged rhythm section and dissonant guitars, but critics noted the unusual sound of the band, extends in range from hard-core classical to indie -rock in the style of Pavement.

Personal grief Casher brought success and his solo project Good Life.Released in the same 2000 debut "Black Out" has received accolades and made into a piggy bank Tim a few extra points. According Casher, creating a project, he wanted to experiment with different styles. Good Life still exists today and has a softer and more electronic sound than with Cursive.In 2002, severe pulmonary disease Casher forced to cancel US tour group. He did not have health insurance, and the label "Saddle Creek" Tim turned to the fans with a request to provide him financial assistance for the operation.After recovery Cursive singer started recording their fourth album "The Ugly Organ". Again Kasher delves into his nightmares. If "Domestica" main motives were lies, deception and hatred, the "The Ugly Organ" is a monologue man, entangled in his emotions. Here, Tim sings fearsloneliness and uncertainty in the face of a desperate character who knows he is looking for, but can not find it either in themselves or in others. Sound a little group felt better, but it has acquired new shades minor thanks to the invitation to write cellist Grette Con. Critics ecstatic : the highest rating from the magazine "Alternative Press".

2005 year.Cursive again went into a sabbatical. As a consolation for the fans it was released the compilation "The Difference Between Houses & Homes" - a collection of unreleased and rare songs, resulting in no way weaker than the Number of albums. Tim returned to the Good Life project and recorded an excellent "Album Of The Year". In the same year, Kasher and drove to Moscow ,He gave an acoustic concert and was given rave reviews by the capital`s music lovers.

Last on the job today Cursive - plate "Happy Hollow". Sound group became more melodic and soft, largely through the use of recorded piano and accordion. Kasher also softened, and now he gives the impression of a wise and sentimental person. " When you write about hatred and aggression, devoured by you, or getting up between the two once lyubivshimi each other people, listeners feel negative emotions and project them on They think I`m attacking them is not true I am attacking only on themselves.. ! ", - Says Tim.

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