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Year of birth: 1993

Age: 12 years

Place of Birth: Las Vegas, SShAGod death: 2005

Citizenship: United States


The Crystal Method The group consists of two people, it`s Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. These guys create such a powerful and energetic music that they are now called "American response group,"The Chemical Brothers" Each of their albums -. It is quality, style, drive!

"Legion of Boom", published 13.01.2004, is no exception. I thinkthat fans of the virtual drive on wheelbarrows over NFS is already familiar with one track from the album - "Born Too Slow".

Actually, it is difficult to understand from the first time style -understanding comes from listening.

If you compare this album with their debut as the first "Vegas" (the track "Get Buzy Child" I hope everyone remembers), then we can say, that the sound quality has grown, and the musicians were new ideas that they have embodied in the new album.Mixing styles and experimenting with sounds going on all the tracks, creating an aggressive and gloomy atmosphere. Guitar fatal gash in "Weapons Of Mass Distortion", acid sounds in "Acetone", trance melodies in "True Grit", hip-hop recitative in the "American Way". Unchanged remains big beat, which can be characterized by the whole album.Describe each track is very difficult, because the album is perceived at one go. No wonder, after all, among the guest musicians were like Wes Borland (former guitarist of the band "Limp Bizkit"), Rahzel and Milla Jovovich.Sovetuyu listen to tracks "True Grit", "Weapons Of Mass Distortion", "Born Too Slow " that would understand ,what it is " crystal method ".

By the way this year, The Crystal Method got just 3 awards at the prestigious "American Dance Music Awards 2004" - " The best American show " (Best U.S. Act),

"Best Album" for "Legion Of Boom" and "Best Single" for "Born Too Slow".

In conclusion,after listening to the three albums that can be made about a group of style (it is: "The Crystal Method - Legion of Boom", "The Prodigy - Alwats Outnumbred Newer Outgunned" and The "Chemical Brothers -Come With Us") believe the best "Legion of Boom". In fact, I belong to the American musicians with some skepticism,but this group is still out of competition, IMHO.

P.S. track "Acetone" somehow reminded Prodigy. What is it for. ..

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