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Biography"Cryptic slaughter" appeared on the US West Coast in the mid 80s. Just at that time, against the backdrop of a thriving social injustice and political hypocrisy, usually hostile, punks and metal banded together as a united front, creating a new style of " crossover ".

That kind of music and do our heroes. Audio Aggression ,fast paced and uncompromising political stance were, of course, are too harsh for the mainstream, but it made the band a cult in the metal underground circles. Bill Crooks (vocals, bass) , Les Evans (guitar) , Adam Scott (guitar) and Scott Peterson (drums) met in 1984 when, together drove the ball into the school team. It did not take much time ,as the guys changed passion for soccer to music, founding the "Cryptic slaughter".

Adam Scott stayed in the team for long, and after his departure the remaining trio recorded their first demo "Life in grave", consisting of five tracks. The unbridled ferocity of the sound of this demo made soon to talk about the phenomenal phenomenon of Santa Monica. Rumors about "Cryptic slaughter" very quickly spread to the underground community, which contributed to an early conclusion of a contract with a rising independent label "Metal blade records". Peredzapisyu debut in 1986 the team joined bassist Rob Nicholson, who left for Crookes Acting only overstrain throat. "Convicted",representing half an hour of pure adrenaline contains fourteen tracks of furious, filled with anti- isteblishmentskimi moods. Subsequent releases, "Money Talks" and "Stream Of Consciousness" little has changed in the music group.

However, fans "Cryptic slaughter" were just happy about this fact, because their pets are not deceived expectations.However, the team`s intense life, endless touring and permanent lack of money led to the collapse of the group. And now, after a particularly busy joint with "Angkor Wat" tour gang was disbanded.

Les Evans relocated to Portland (Oregon) where two years later he tried to revive the sign "Cryptic slaughter" in company with vocalist Dave Hollingsworth, bassist Bret Davis and drummer Brian Lefeldtom (ex- "Sweaty nipples"). In 1990, this configuration has released the record "Speak Your Peace", but fans of this album is clearly not pleased and the team once again ceased to exist. Lefeldt moved in "Everclear", and Nicholson went to Rob Zombie. The group was missing on the musical horizon of more than a decade, when Evans was surprised to find that rare album is now "Cryptic slaughter" sold over the internet for hundreds of dollars. This fact exploit Forests Reconvene the team with the intention to record a new album. For this case, he invited members of the original Bill of Crookes and Rob Nicholson, and drummer Brian Lefeldta second convocation. While the musicians were thinking on new material, two early albums were reissued. The first of them, "Convicted", was credited with songs "Life in grave" and tracks from a concert in 1988 in Houston. Second,"Money Speaks", included in addition to Houston pinning high hopes recording rehearsals "Stream Of Consciousness".

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