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The history of this Texas team from the city of Houston began in 1954 when high school friends Joe Sample (piano) , Wilton Felder (tenor saxophone) and Nesbert " Stix " Hooper (drums) came together under the name "Swingsters".

Boys first addicted blues and countryBut then switched to jazz. After some time, they were joined by three others : Wayne Henderson (trombone) , Hubert Laws (flute) and Henry Wilson (bass) . At this stage, to change the name of the ensemble - by "Modern jazz sextet". Under this name the band existed for several years, until its members went to Texas Southern University.

After 50-x Sample, Felder, Hooper and Henderson moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his musical activities. In 1960, the team signed a contract with "Pacific Jazz Records" and gained a new name - "Jazz crusaders". With trombone and saxophone in the foreground " kruzadery " we have a unique sound and released a series of excellent albums in its genre. CrusadersV within ten years the ensemble has been very popular in the US, but by the end of the 60 public interest in them waned sharply jazz. On the one hand their close students " of Motown " and participants " British invasion ", and the other attacked the jazz avant-garde. In order to somehow stay afloat ,the musicians began to include in their repertoire strangers popular numbers like Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" and "Get back". By the early 70`s team got in touch with producer Stewart Levine, who seriously redrew ensemble policy.

Firstly, the word "Jazz" has been thrown out of the name, which was reduced to simply "Crusaders". Secondly,Now the band`s music is a fusion of rhythm and blues, funk, jazz, soul and pop rock. This approach allowed the team to maintain audience and to issue a number of interesting plates, one of which helped write the famous guitarist Larry Carlton.

CrusadersV 1975 Wayne Henderson left the team ,followed by the sound of "Crusaders" has changed significantly. However, the group has continued its activities in 1979, he has achieved commercial success, breaking into the charts "Billboard" on the 36 th position with the song "Street life". So this "Crusaders" until 1983, until it`s gone Stix Hooper. Since then, the band`s popularity began to decline sharply and finally ended in the collapse of the deal. It happened in the early `90s, when the musicians, and previously worked on the side, finally dispersed to various projects.

However, in the second half of 90th and at the beginning of the next millennium there were several reunions. One of the latest reincarnations of the group took place in 2003, when Sample, Felder and Hooper led by Stewart Levine recorded the disc "Rural renewal". As a guest on the album was listed none other than Eric Clapton.

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Crusaders picture
Crusaders photo
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