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BiographyGroup "Crumbsuckers" of Baldwin (a suburb of New York) was formed in 1982. The name she received from its founder, bassist Gary Mesquite, who documented it in food intake process in the school cafeteria.

Gary partners are guitarist Frank and drummer Kevin " Toast " Caroll. With regard to the position of vocalist ,that at first there was chaos. At this point, Deng visited Viteyl, Dzhaghed, Chris Anderson, but only with the arrival of David Brady came some stability. About half a year the guys had fun up playing at parties covers "Minor Threat", "Bad Brains", "Kraut", and the like.

In early 1983, Frank was replaced by Dave Wynn ,and the repertoire of "Crumbsuckers" were songs of its own production, some of which later fell on their debut album. During the year, the group rehearsed intensively and during this period has recorded one demo of five tracks and includes a cover of Chubby Checker "The Twist".

Crumbsuckers in 1984-m composition replenished with guitarist Chuck Lennihenom whose appearance added metal hardcore sound "Crumbsuckers". Somewhere at the same time there was a change of drummers, and sat behind the drums, Dan Richardson. By year end, the group was ready a full set of songs for the first album. The main composers were Mesquite and Wynne ,and the texts were written by Brady and Meskilom. Soon "Crumbsuckers" gave its first concert in the "CBGB`s", and then began to perform regularly in other clubs ("A7", "Long Island", "The Right Track Inn", "Jimmy`s Country Saloon").

Having recorded their second demo, Gary and the company began to look for a record company that would help them to issue the plate. Meanwhile, Brady discovered a drug problem, and had to be put up outside the door. New vocalist "Crumbsuckers" was the former frontman of "Crackdown" Chris Notaro. Shortly after replacing the band received a contract from the "Combat Records" and in 1986 released their debut album. Crumbsuckers "Life of dreams" very successfully combines elements of hardcore and metal and is a classic of the genre " crossover. " In the spring of 1987, the team of Dave Wynn left, replaced by Matt Cardin. Matt stayed in the team for long, but, nevertheless, managed to contribute to the cause "Crumbsuckers". He wrote two songs ,"Rejuvenate" and "Jimmy`s Dream", trapped in the second plate. Cardin handed guitar Robert Kobler, which was written "Beast on my back". The album was produced by metal producer Randy Burns, the band`s sound so much metallized. Fans of the "Crumbsuckers" Expect more servings of hardcore, and the release of their disappointment.

In 1988-m Kobler replaced Mark Piovanetti from "Carnivore", but this configuration behind nothing left, and in the early 90`s team disappeared from view. Most members of the "Crumbsuckers" organized commercial metal band "Heavy Rain", but it fell apart pretty quickly. Lennihen subsequently played "Genitorturers",and Mesquite and Richardson joined the "Pro-Pain".

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