Crucial Conflict

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Place of birth : Chicago, United States

Citizenship : United States


Guided GETO BOYS, Master P,OUTKAST and Jermaine Dupri South American rap continues to methodically beat the opposing fans in the West and East coasts.

Undoubtedly, in the southern ghetto, not less of a problem, but after Al Capone began to deal with them there is much more civilized. And in this you can clearly see, after listening to two albums of rap quartet from Chicago CRUCIAL CONFLICT.Breastfed and brought up in the ghetto, in the west of the city of Chicago gangster native (or, as the locals call it, Shikago) participants CRUCIAL CONFLICT alone were the best rappers in their neighborhoods and have found each other only in 1994 ,when the chum Wilstyle and Kilo (1000 grams of " grass ") met with Coldhard (stands for Courageous One Lord Delivering Hard Ass Rhymes Destructively) and Never (Never Ending Violent Emotional Rage) on one of the coolest seyshn Western Chicago "KTM" (for reference want notedthat this part of the city has long been called none other than the K-Town for a huge number of streets that start with letter "K") . Their mutual friend suggested naming CRUCIAL CONFLICT, to reflect the unhealthy conditions in their area. At that we decided to do. Under the leadership of Terrela Harris (a ka Shorty Capone) and his production company, Raw Dope Productions four enthusiastic teenager (but then they were 14 to 20 years) have won several local competitions for young talents, but they wanted more. The breakthrough came when they brought in Los Angeles (in the Wild West) on the road where they were fascinated majestic mountains and small settlements of Indians. They passed through the places where not so long ago in their hometown moved a sea of black people, former slaves, which became a new home to Chicago. It is no accident that in the twentieth century the city became a major center of musical culture and gave America a lot of blues and jazz legends and great soul- and rhythm-and - blues artists (remember the same R. Kelly).

Now, with the advent of DO OR DIE especially CRUCIAL CONFLICT Chicago born strong hip- hop tradition,which in contrast to other regions of America is not only fueled by reggae, jazz and funk, but purely an American invention - country. And, of course, such a young talent could not achieve anything substantial without affecting 70s music (Kurtis Mayfield, THE ISLEY BROTHERS) and modern rappers (from Rakim to Snoop) . A producer CRUCIAL CONFLICT Wildstyle besides being draws a lot of ideas in your favorite westerns. "I just I transform music lyrical farmers and gives it a typical street sound, which is famous for its hip- hop - says Wildstyle - and the guys read about the hard life and try to solve the problem of the black commune, delving into the history of his native city ,where gangsters feel their impunity even in the 20-30 - ies, ie much earlier than in New York and Los Angeles. "

In other words, CRUCIAL CONFLICT, as you could probably already be sure, not the usual rap group with nabivshimi nauseam sound and slogans.They rest their soul and compose Rhyme in a wooden little house with lots of exotic things and animals (snakes and rodents) , a luxurious collection of corals and guarding all pit bull terrier Rawhide they are original, and has long been themselves influenced by others, despite her young age. Their debut "golden " disc "The Final Tic" was released two and a half years ago and became a sensation, allowed to immediately write them in the list of Innovators " black " music. The new album "Bad Side, Good Side" (with vocals by R. Kelly, THREE 6 MAFIA, DO OR DIE, RENEGATES, T-Baby and MFD) were looking forward to, and appeared in November 1998 ,He showed both sides of human life (whether you`re black or white) . In general, the CRUCIAL CONFLICT did much more than simply raise the eternal theme of "what is good and what is bad. " They are widely opened the door to new rap talents of Chicago, who, I am sure, will be able to celebrate their city in the future millennium (which ,Incidentally, it begins in 2001 year, not in 2000 !).

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