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Before in 1989 to establish a "Crowbar" guitarist - vocalist Kirk Uindshteyn and drummer Jimmy Bower Laban covers "Judas priest" and "Iron maiden" in the local NewOrleans gang "The slugs".

Maybe here and there was the name of the style that has invented a new team - sladzhkor (dumoobraznye laden riffs with vocals a la hardcore) . The composition of the "Crowbar" was beefed up with bassist Todd Strange and second guitarist Kevin Noonan. While the team was going to record their first album ,Bauer knocked out of New Orleans, and had to be replaced by Craig Nunenmacherom.

Disc "Obedience Thru Suffering" sold in small quantities, and soon after its release, the team left the Noonan. In his place we recruited Matt Thomas of Louisiana gang "Fall from grace". With his appearance composition stabilized for a period of two albums. CrowbarPervy of them, titled simply "Crowbar" was released on the "Pavement music" at the end of 1993 and became a breakthrough for the band. Important role in this was played by Phil Anselmo of "Pantera", speaking in the role of producer. It was his submission plate sold povsemu world circulation of more than 100,000 copies. Grabbing the tail of luck ,"Crowbar" began to tour, and in 1994 released a live album, depicting this side of the group. The following year, a third studio work, after which the team left Nunenmacher, teamed up with his brother in the project "Near life experience". His place behind the drums took Bauer returned ,helped restore sound corporate group.

In addition to the change of drummers before the sessions of "Broken glass" and there was a change of guitarists - instead of Thomas is now playing Sammy Pierre Duet from "Acid bath". "Crowbar" continued to tour on both sides of the Atlantic, speaking in conjunction with many famous bands such as "Pantera", "Black label society","Napalm death", "Paradise lost".

Crowbar However, the second half of the 90 teams was the popularity steadily decline, helped by frequent personnel changes. Album 1998 "Oddfellows Rest" (released on "Mayhem records") was the last one for Bauer, who finally moved to a guitarist in another project, "Eyehategod".Shock entrusted Cid Monza, but he was involved in only one, joint with "S.O.D.", US tour and gave way Nunenmacheru. Knocking a little with their colleagues, Craig joined Zakk Wylde in his "Black label society". Somewhere at the same time the team left the " survivor " Todd Strange.

The new rhythmsection was represented by drummer Tony Costanzo and chetyrehstrunschikom Jeff Okoneski. This configuration with a fresh contract of "Spitfire records" has issued the album "Sonic excess in it`s purest form". The next release of the fans "Crowbar" had to wait two years. In creating "Life`s Blood For The Downtrodden" musicians helped panterovets Rex Brown.

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