Picture of Crocs

Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Place of birth : Colorado

Citizenship : United States

Who does not know Crocs ?

American shoe company, famous worldwide for its clogs. If we talk about shoes `Crocs` short - it is convenient and fun. Among other things, `Crocs` today is one of the most counterfeited brands.

Company history began in 2002 ,that`s when three friends from Colorado (Colorado) - Simans Scott (Scott Seamans), Lyndon ` Dyuk` Hanson (Lyndon` Duke` Hanson) and George Bodeker ml. (George Boedecker, Jr) - registered a new brand - `Crocs`. It must be said that the main idea was to create a friends convenient and high-quality shoes for yachting - all three were enthusiastic yachtsmen. So, it was decided to come up with and implement a comfortable, non-slip shoes on the deck, which is nice to see and nice to wear less.

First and foremost concerned about the creators of the material for his wonderful shoes. As a result, after a fairly active search for a Canadian company was found, which produces a very soft polymer material ,created on the basis of foamed resin. Later material called Croslite, and because he had decided to make shoes for yachting and sailing. Then no one has ever even suspect that soon the production of small firms triumafalno walked all over the world.

So, first developed a model called `Beach`,and the first 200 pairs of clogs were exhibited at the boat show `Fort Lauderdale Boat Show`. In the accompanying advertising stated that these soft clogs are ideal for boat deck, do not slip and do not rub his feet. We sold out all 200 pairs for the first few hours.

That was when the creators realized that for the colored clogs hiding a bomb. The company began to develop rapidly - in 2004, a Canadian company, manufactures tires for `Crocs`, passed into the ownership of the company.

It is noteworthy that the first appointment `Crocs` - Shoes for yachting - completely forgotten, people bought Crocs to wear them at home and in the garden, on the beach and a walk.

Surprisingly, it appeared to wear and stuffof which produce Crocs - this is not an ordinary rubber. So, Crocs is almost impossible to rub the corn - at high temperatures, they take the form of legs.

So, when US consumers have learned and appreciated the `Crocs`, it`s time to go to the European market. Since 2005, US footwear gradually began to conquer and European fans of comfort. In 2007, in the Netherlands (Netherlands) it was built a huge warehouse, which receives products for the whole of Europe.

In Russia, we learned about Crocs in 2008, and today the shoes can be bought in hundreds of Russian cities.

By the way, in addition to classical models - Sabo -the company is now producing all kinds of model `Crocs`. So, it is already possible to buy sandals, ballet flats, sneakers, and even boots, and insulated models specifically for cold climates.

By the way, detractors of the brand at all times indicated on the ugliness of shoes `Crocs`. However, the creators did not even think to give up the familiar design. Really,it is in this form, Crocs have conquered the whole world, and that is the way we know them today.

In general, Americans have always known a lot about comfort - it is comfortable and is the main asset of shoes `Crocs`.

By the way, today is a very popular decoration for Crocs - jibbitz. This small flowers, cars, men or other figures ,which make this shoe a fun and personal. Of course, the main judges of jibbitz are children and adolescents.

It`s amazing, but the Crocs, who first assumed as the special footwear for yachtsmen, now wearing housewives and doctors, athletes and couriers, children and the elderly. After all, comfort - it is comfort.

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