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In the late `70s - early` 80s in America, there are many interesting hardcore bands such as "Germs", "Black flag", "Negative approach". NewYork scene of the flow represented by such bands as the "Bad brains", "The Mob", "Beastie boys" and "Stimulators". That`s just the latest in a team and started their activities punk youngster, 10 -year-old drummer Harley Francis Flanagan.

Already by that time the boy tried to play more loud music, and therefore planned to set up its own project. Thus were born and "Cro-Mags", the first part of which also included the manager "Bad brains" Dave Hahn, John Berry of "Beastie boys" and Dave Stein from "Even worse". Soon, the team arrived in Manhattan with guitarist Parris Mitchell Mayhew, and singer Eric Casanova began.

Then came a few more pertrubatsy ,and by the time the group gathered to record the first demo, its membership consisted of Flanagan (bass) , John Joseph McGowan (vocals) , Mayhew and Mackie Jayson (drums) . Demo was published in bootleg form on 10 - inch vinyl and is now the subject of collectors pride. With this record "Cro-Mags" received a contract with the "Profile records",and a second guitarist Doug Holland went into the studio to prepare their debut album.

"Age Of Quarrel", containing a lethal hardcore with metal impurities for a long time has become a classic of the genre. In 1986, the group appeared in the film "The beat", and toured with such monsters as the "Megadeth", "Venom" and "Nuclear assault".Soon, however, the team began to rend the internal problems, culminating in John`s care. Behind him and knocked Macy, served in "Bad brains". For the "Cro-Mags" fell on hard times, and the situation has stabilized a bit after the team came drummer Pete Hines, and vocal duties shouldered the Harley. This configuration has released "Best wishes", more metallized than in the previous release of the album. After his release staffing problems continued

And Pete with Doug changed Dave Disenso and Rob Buckley.

But the reshuffle did not save the group from further disintegration, and amid a showdown with the label of "Cro-Mags" left Mayhew, Buckley and Disenso. Second Wind crew gained with the filing of the owner "Century media" Robert Kampf. In 1991 he visited New York and persuaded Harley revive the project. The only condition Kampf was the presence in the composition of John and Doug.

Thus three former colleagues Disenso and Gabby (guitar) went into the studio to record their third album. In the "Alpha Omega" musicians continued to move in the direction of the metal. The disc turned out quite good, but it did not mean the disappearance of internal problems. John and Harley ramsovali constantly among themselves, and with other members of the team, too, canine and so it was surprising that the group managed to record another album."Near Death Experience" was the worst release in the discography of "Cro-Mags", since carried the imprint of all strife. The group somehow held last tour and after it announced its dissolution.

As early as the epitaph "Century media" released a double live album with the characteristic title "Hard Times In An Age Of Quarrel". But the story "Cro-Mags " did not end there. At the end of the second millennium Parris and John revived the project and released the highly successful hardcore punk album " Revenge. " In 2001, the group was again dissolved, but shortly reappeared on the scene with Hurley, John and Doug. This configuration is short-lived ,and after a few shuffles of the old men in the composition was only John.

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