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His fame metal band from Sarasota (FL) has received not only because of their music, but also the image when its members went on stage in silver masks. This project was founded in 1982 and for some time was known as "Beowulf". The core team made up of three people - guitarist John Drenning (born May 4, 1965, Jacksonville.) and Ben Jackson (born July 17, 1963, Toledo, USA.) , and bassist Jeff Lords (born June 20, 1965, Sarasota.) . Nearly four years, guys rehearsed tirelessly ,producing his trademark sound. An interesting fact is that in all that time, the band almost did not appear in public.

By 1986, as a part of "Crimson glory" as the number of Midnight vocalist and drummer Dana Burnell. Also in 1986, the label "PAR" debut album was released, which was soon licensed European "Roadrunner records".plate style a little like an early "Queensryche", facilitated by the similarity of the votes Midnight and Geoff Tate.

Crimson glory In support of the disk group has organized concerts in the Netherlands and Germany, where the musicians greeted very warmly. The next release of the fans "Crimson glory" had to wait for three years. But the team did not disappoint the hopes and gave a decent album "Transcendence". The album was released on the "Roadrunner" in Europe and "MCA Records" in the United States. "Transcendence" was accompanied by the first hit single, "Lonely", which is held in the US radio charts bezvylazno 24 weeks. Reviews for the album itself has been very positive ,and it is possible to "Crimson glory" to ride on the success of Europe, America and Japan.

During the tour the team had time to play with such monsters as the "Metallica", Ozzy Osbourne, "Queensryche", "U.D.O.". The largest area where the metal were from Florida, became the festival "Metal hammer" in Dortmund ,which was attended by more than 20,000 spectators. However, the team began to suffer from the reshuffle. First, Ben Jackson went to the "Parish", and then Dana Burnell gave way Ravi Dzhakotia.

Crimson gloryAlbom "Strange and beautiful", released district

"Atlantic records" in 1991, found a significant bias in the commercial sound ,that was the reason for further explanation of the relationship between the musicians. The case ended the fact that after a short, though successful, a tour of the States, it was announced on the decay of "Crimson glory". Drenning and Lords organized a project "Erotic liquid culture", and Midnight started a family and moved away from the music business.In late 1996, Jeff and John still decided to revive the sign "Crimson glory" and return to its progressive power metal roots.

The idea of resuscitation supported Ben Jackson, and new team members became the vocalist Wade Black (b. August 1, 1967, New Castle) , nicknamed "War machine" and drummer Steve Vacholz (b. May 11, 1962, the NewYork) of "Savatage". In 1999, the quintet released the album "Astronomica" and held a small tour, but beyond that it does not matter. The team once again sparked controversy and "Crimson glory" collapsed a second time.

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