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General of the US Army ; He led a number of military operations in Vietnam (Vietnam) in the period from 1968 to 1972 - th. error status: 400Cavalry Division (1st Cavalry Division).

In 1936, he married Julia Creighton Abrams Bertha (Julia Bertha Abrams). Julie itself known primarily active in charitable activities ; at one time it was on the initiative of its army group `Arlington Ladies` was founded.

At Creighton and Julia appeared three sons and three daughters. Abrams sons followed in his footsteps and eventually rose to the very, very high rank in the US Army ; Abrams daughter married to American officers.

During the Second World Abrams served in the 4th Armored Division (4th Armored Division); starting with the rank of chief of General Service Regiment adjutant ,by the end of the war Creighton has promoted to commander of the military unit. Division Abrams was mainly at the forefront ; Creighton pretty quickly proved itself a highly talented and aggressive tank commander. error status: 400the second was attached to the Medal of Honor (Medal of Honor).

Abrams had a chance to fight in Korea ; in the period from 1953 to 1954 - th, he has worked as chief of staff in the three divisions of the US Army.

From 1954 till 1956 the first Creighton was chief of staff at Fort Knox (Fort Knox). in 1956 toerror status: 400error status: 400it allowed replacing the Abrams upgrade to a more traditional tactics him - ` sweep and uderzhanie`. US forces were divided into relatively small units, diverged on South Vietnamese villages ; in the villages of the soldiers started to prepare local militia. Unlike its predecessor ,error status: 400previously he had already removed one lung in a vain attempt to stop the spread of the disease - alas, it is so useless and failed. Abrams was buried at Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington National Cemetery); He was buried next to him and survived for 29 years, Julia.

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