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"I do not use common phrases. I`ll be damned if you get a chance to reach out to millions of people, can not find the words, which would be worth considering."

Once he was a drug addict, Then a fireman.Now he is a multimillionaire. In 1995, the Californian rapper Coolio with his grand lost elegy black generation Gangsta`s Paradise has become the number one all over the world, and the self-titled album, filled with fire-breathing lexicon of post-industrial city, it was to bring an unprecedented harvest of green man -jellyfish from Compton.His first album, It Takes A Thief (you need a thief) appeared in 1994 and went platinum with the single Fantastic Voyage (Fantastic Voyage) utopian hymn parties. Voyage is among the nominees for Grammy, MTV video awards, and several musical Billboard magazine awards. Adjusting financial position,Coolio opens his own business managerial company Crowbar, as well as salon hairstyles Whoop-Dee-Doo. His rating has grown even more after the shooting of the clip Temptations late Tupac Shakur one of the best rap video of the year. Coolio on the soundtrack specialist, he wrote music for films Panther, New Jersey Drive, Clueless and Jerky Boys,and the soundtrack to the film Dangerous Minds sold half million copies this Gangstas Paradise. Assessing the work on the second album, Coolio calls her fantastic journey of a different kind: It was not just the opportunity to outshine reflections of past success, but also to explore the other side of my musical nature,which is not yet on the map.The study not only paid off, but also brought considerable profit: contrary to popular belief the second release was even more successful than the first platinum. On this occasion, Coolio says: Usually musicians who produced an excellent debut album,then spend a lot of time lamenting the factthat their next work will not have the same success. Some members of the hip-hop most worried about his street credibility. Before recording their second album, nothing bothered me, I just tuned to work on it even harder than on the first. In some ways, changing their point of view,I escaped samoplagiata. Glory to the creator of the hit title firmly entrenched for Coolio, but the song has a long and strange story. Firstly, the world would not know anything about gangster paradise, if not L.V. an old friend and comrade Culio for record labels, with whom he shares the authorship of some songs.And here is how to flow the creative process: It happened on MTV.When I entered, L.V. singing the chorus, and suddenly I had an epiphany, I grabbed a pen and started writing. Rather, it is the beginning of a pen to write, and my hand just move next. All this looked like as if possessed something in a seance, I have, but not evil and good.... But part of supernatural forces are not yet final. The song has the fourth author. Inspired by the works of Stevie Wonder, L.V. Coolio and simply loggerheads his principal melodic part. At first, it is very difficult to grasp the similarities, but if you listen closely. .. All close Stevie immediately began whispering to him about it,but when he heard the song, He said: Continue to use this theme and on the same day signed a resolution on the single release. In short, over the heavenly song it bothers a lot of people (including string orchestra). The same can be said in general about the album, in which a record contribution made by such prominent figures as D.J. Wino, E- 40, Kam, Rass Kass, 40 Thevz, and many others. It is volunteers, but the legendary band The Gang Coolio downright hired to recreate their own classics as Too Hot (recording also participated funk maestro Kool and singer James JT Taylor). Too Hot for this version Coolio - tale anecdote about safe sex in the age of AIDS.Everyone wantedso I wrote this song about chic wheelbarrow or even some overexposed crap, but I said: Hell, I `ve done it all, and when finished the song, I knew that it would be a surprise for everyone!. Inspired by the atmosphere of the good old days, Coolio raises a few forgotten hits: Cruisin Smokey Robinson,Smilin Sly Stone and A Thing Goin On (original song was called Me And Mrs.Jones) Billy Paul. Smilin playful dedication Culio, a perspective of a proud parent, your children. A Thing Goin On the eternal theme of adultery, Coolio presented in the light of 1996. Accessing retro reveals a previously unknown side Kulio- talentmusician, although Coolio - man in every way trying to distance itself from the remarks that his popularity has significantly altered: I talk with the same people, doing the same things and have dinner in the same places. Completely change the lifestyle, this could have imagined only in dreams. Everyday street life only it`s real.On Track Bright As The Sun and Coolio Geto Highlites casts this sophisticated real life, claiming infallibility look. And this is not bragging, he explains, and sober reasoning that you have to shoot, if you get into a situation where you need to protect yourself. Coolio, however,not forget thatthat rest and fun are also integral parts of everyday life. The live performances with your friends (Vallejo Kingpin E- 40 and South Centrals Kam) he arranges long jam, complete muscular funk energy. So, if you want to stretch their legs, put Sumpin New, Exercise Yo Game, or better yet enchanting gangster dance tune Get Up,Get Down. A native of Compton (the city is famous for the fact that it lived and worked in gangster rap pioneers NWA), received ten million dollars in the past year clean, it is recognized that very little money is mean to him. Much more than I care about, for example, crisis of American society.I grew up in a period that now seems a golden age. My childhood was a bright, rich culture and love. The memory pops up old African proverb: To raise a child, you need a whole village. And so it was, if you did something and it found and not your mother, but someone else`s, it quietly could kick your ass.We had the black and white villages. And those and others were proud of their traditions and color of the skin and very little contact with each other. That`s how I grew up thinking that in what world I live steep. And then came the crack and changed the entire social USA chemistry. Kulio-krekoman was not particularly dangerous to society,he did not kill anyone, and not maimed. It was just a sad crazy rapper, not as a lost, not to learn. Every morning he woke up, the first thing to quickly stoned. My life in a matter of moments passed out from nowhere, says the black scholar, the clip is very Michelle Pfeiffer is a pleasant scenery, and, oh, how it was easy.All this is done. You see, we took a crack for tobacco and smoked it accordingly. Hell, we did not think about the consequences, quietly turning into a cold-blooded killers. Mother krekomanki raised their children without love, there could be no question of normal neighborly relations.of drug dependence has been so strong that by the time we found that the contact was, for most of us it was too late. I was lucky, I got rid of the addiction, but what an incredible amount of stuff I had to try to clear it from the brain.In search of salvation, he falls into a California fire brigade. Seven days a week,a team of fifteen people rise before dawn, immersed in a huge fire truck and sent to fight the fire. Fire fighting is the hell of physical work in the history of mankind, he recalls with a shudder Culio. You can hardly get by without training, when before you wildfire ten feet wide and a mile long and it is the only time, than you do not have. First, it is necessary to extinguish the main flame. Fucking sight you creep up his back on the bare ground, removing the special ax topsoil is saturated with fuel. It was like he was a member of the football team is constantly involved in the action. Every day work, running up to the loss of pulse, eating,sleeping all the time is regulated as in military boot camp, but it`s just me then, and it was necessary. Just so I could distract from thoughts about drugs plataza This is a place in the Hall of Fame of hip-hop, where we can contemplate Coolio on a par with such rap idols like Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Tupac Shakur.Asked if it became more spacious at the top, after most of his colleagues were in places not so remote, Coolio affirmative grins. In contrast, those who are now in jail, I do not profess the principle: Do not kill, so mutilate, so many doubted that I could get to the top of the tree in an effort to which someone is on their heads.Coolio chronic asthmatic and a day can not live without drugs. He is a heavy smoker. Nutty world, is not it? When a person is able to give up the crack, but not cigarettes.

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