Constantine Velikiy

Picture of Constantine Velikiy

Date of birth: 27.02.0272

Age: 65

Place of birth: Nis

Citizenship: Russia

Flavius ??Valerius Constantine

On February 27, 272 a year (or 280 or 285 - the exact year of the historians have not determined so far), in the city of Naisse, which is now called Serbia and Nis, was born Flavius ??Valerius Constantine. The founder of the Byzantine Empire.

However, it is worth noting that at the time of Constantine such a concept - Byzantium, did not exist. contemporary empire he founded called "romeyskoy", that is a Roman. The word "Byzantine" emerged after the fall of the government in 1453. But the right to its foundation nevertheless remains for Constantine. It was he who, as Roman Emperor, moved the capital from Rome to the city of Byzantium on the Bosphorus. Subsequently, the Great Roman Empire split into two parts, and in the east of them formed the very Byzantium.

And, nevertheless, Constantine is primarily Roman Emperor. It was his triumphal arch still stands in the heart of Rome, next to the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum. It is remarkable that Constantine was the last emperor of Rome, who was awarded the arch in his honor in the Roman Forum. He did not appreciate this and soon moved vessvoy yard and, as we now say, the political elite to the shore of the Bosphorus, in the place where Europe and Asia meet. City of Byzantium, chosen as the new capital gets a new name - Constantinople, which in Greek means "the city of Constantine." As you can see, the emperor not long puzzled over this option.

Constantine and is responsible for the system of government, which was established in Byzantium and that then successfully took over Russia - autocracy. The Romans called it Dominat, and came up with his predecessor on the throne of Constantine the Emperor Diocletian. Before him, in the Roman Empire there was the most perfect confusion in regard to the state authorities. The Romans experimented with the triumvirate - "power of three" and the Tetrarch, "the power of four", and the emperor there was not the one we are accustomed to understand by the word. It was the first of several rulers and the Romans themselves called him "princeps", which means "first". In general, a perfect confusion and vacillation. Whether business Dominat, everything is clear - that the king, and he is the chief. He explained it to his subjects first is Constantine.