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Year of birth : 2003

Age: 12 years

Citizenship : United States

Attacks and dance hurricane

The project `Combichrist` has a strong sound, powerful energy and aggression. ..

The first material, composed by musician Andy LaPlegua for the project, was the track `Thanx to my Buddies` style power- noise / techno.Then the group was called `D.r.i.v.E`, and the song itself became a collection of ` Advanced Electronics Vol. 2`. Later reworked the song received the title of `Like to Thank My Buddies` and entered the track listing for the album ` Everybody Hates You`.

Participants of the project for some time referred to themselves as `Hudlager`, has not yet caught on the current ` Combichrist`. So called punk-rok messiah of Andy fanzine, produced them in the 1990s. This character brawled under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and then heal those whom he himself broke. The first LP, `The Joy of Gunz`, was published in 2003. On Helloin in the same year it was released a limited edition mini-album `Kiss The Blade`.All 667 copies of the EP found their owners in less than a week.

In 2004, their second mini - album, `Sex, Drogen Und Industrial`, lasted several weeks on the tops of the charts of German alternative music scene. Simultaneously with this release in vinyl formatevyshlo 666 copies of the album `Blut Royale`, which quickly sold out.

In 2005-m German label `Out of Line` presented ` Combichrist` album titled `Everybody Hates You`, and from that moment La Plagua started to use to determine the sound of their project, the term ` Techno Body Music` (TBM). The team released a special song `This is TBM`, voedshuyu in a collection ` Techno Body Music volume 1`.Also out instrumental version of the track, and reworked the lyrics `This is TBM` served for the song ` Electrohead`.

Over time, La Plagua no longer associate with the sound `Combichrist` TBM. The band joins Courtney Klein (Kourtney Klein), who played for the keyboard, the drummer for

. The single `Get Your Body Beat` 2006-It marked the first commercial success of the project. This song came on the 14th place in the chart `Billboard`s Dance Singles` in June of 2006. The video for `Get Your Body Beat` was included in a DVD - release biopunk movie ` Gene pokolenie` (`The Gene Generation`).

March 6, 2007 appeared the first album `What the Fuck is Wrong With You Peopl

? `has received good reviews from critics and fans additions to the ranks of `Combichrist`. In January 2008, joined the composition of the producer and songwriter Zee Marr (Z Marr) began work on the album `Today We Are All Demons`. The release of the album held on 20 January 2009. Song `Shut Up and Bleed` became the soundtrack to the horror Kollektsioner` ` (`The Collector`

)and the composition `Today We Are All Demons (Beneath the World Mix)` - a ` fantasy Underworld: Rise likanov` (` Underworld: Rise of the Lycans`).

Album `Making Monsters` released digitally August 31, 2010 th, and then in the CD format, 28 September of the same year. `Combichrist` team went on tour to support the album at the end of 2010. Poslerealizatsii status ` official warm-up gruppy` German Metalworkers ` Rammstein`, project `Combichrist` gave his song ` Never Surrender` video game `DmC Devil May Cry`, specifically for the segment of gameplay demonstration. La Plagua worked on the soundtracks of all slasher multiplatform (album `No Redemption`).Another song, `

Throat Full of Glass`, hit the opening theme of the same game. A new song called `Bottle of Pain` the soundtrack for fantasy ` Underworld: Probuzhdenie` (`Underworld: Awakening`) in January of 2012.

Last album at the moment, `We Love You`, appeared in 2014. two singles came after him ,`From My Cold Dead Hands` and ` Maggots at the Party`

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