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Collier Homer (Homer Lusk Collyer) was born November 6, 1881, his younger brother, Langley (Langley Wakeman Collyer) - October 3, 1885-th. Their father, Herman Collier (Herman Livingston Collyer), was a gynecologist in Manhattan (Manhattan), and the whole family is considered as the least secure and least respected.

Homer and Langley finished very prestigious Columbia University (Columbia University), and seemed to expect ahead of their brilliant careers and respectable life. However, even then the two brothers seemed somewhat eccentric - Langley, who became an engineer, constantly fiddling with some crazy inventions, such as a vacuum apparatus for an internal piano and Homer simply showed no interest to any activity, as, indeed, and to life generally.

It is known that in 1919 their parents divorced, but it is unknown whether it is affected by an event that happened later with the two brothers, or that there were any other reasons.

So, Homer and Langley moved into his own house in Harlem (Harlem) after their mother died in 1929, and in every sense of `closed the dver`. Thus, they have become real hermits, did not have friends, girlfriends, moreover, the brothers refused goryacheyvody, gas, heating and all of the benefits of civilization. Only one thing interested brothers Collier - garbage. So, every night, when Harlem, who was then quite fashionable area, calmed down, he went to his brothers` ohotu`. They dragged into the house all that they could in any way be useful, while selectivity brothers did not differ. Thus, the number of all kinds of rubbish in the house were coming every night.

Shortly after the district was already strange rumor about two hermits and their windows became the target of the evil boys. Harlem has gradually turned from the fashionable district is not the safe place. This, by the way, made the brothers suspicious, and further assured them that they have a reliable can be fenced off from the outside world. The only source of communication for them were found on the streets and dumps the newspaper, which, after reading carefully folded in a package. By the way, an insane amount of old newspapers subsequently Langley worth living - they heaped upon him, without giving the possibility to get out. But this happened later, but for now the two brothers continued their rather sinister way of life, causing fear and hatred of its neighbors.

It took two decades, and at one point, the elder brother, Homer, completely blind. Langley zabotilsyao it as best he could, which, however, ruled out an appeal to doctors - the brothers thought that once their father was a doctor, and in the house kept a fair amount of health literature, and that they themselves can be treated. It is known that Langley put his brother on dietu` `orange, and he daily ate a fair amount of these fruits. At first, the brothers rarely chosen in the supermarket, but later they have completely switched to food with garbage dumps. So, their diet consisted of leftovers, and also in the dumps, and always proved something `poleznoe` house. A few years later Homer paralyzed, and again it only made medical Langley.

Later, neighbors strongly appealed to the police, and, moreover, claims to have brothers and the bank, which they stopped paying, and in 1942 near the house Collier brothers were cops. After the cops force broke into the house, they were able to communicate with a dirty, old man running it was Langley. Forcing the old man to write a check, the police withdrew. What I saw in the house for a long time was a popular story in the police environment.

The second time, the police pay a visit to the brothers, March 21, 1947, on a signal that there is a corpse in the house. Of course, the door to them no one otkryl.Vprochem again, the door of the house could not be opened and, if desired - it was a long time and securely barricaded caked debris. Representing themselves they enter the house through the window of a police picture looked really ominous. What they saw, it was impossible to call home - it was huge in size dump. Piles of debris exceeded all conceivable limits, and after a long search, they found a man sitting in a chair Homer. He was dead. Langley`s body was found later - it was littered with a huge pile of newspapers which, in all likelihood, have fallen on him, burying him under a. Later it was found that quadriplegic Homer died of starvation, a week after the death of his brother.

The value of their assets amounted to more than 100 thousand dollars, but later Collier brothers house was demolished - to take root, no one wanted.

Modern medicine calls the compulsive hoarding syndrome brothers, and the nature of the disease has not yet been thoroughly studied. It is known that with timely treatment to a psychiatrist can relieve symptoms, but usually people like Collier brothers do not go to the doctor and do not seek the cause of their ailments. Instead, they build their own `trash grobnitsy` that reliably protect them from the outside world.

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