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Date of Birth: 06/04/1952

Age: 64

Birth Place: Salt Lake City

Citizenship: United States

Solution Innovation problems in business

Clayton Christensen (Clayton M. Christensen, 6.04.1952) - American scientist and entrepreneur, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School). It is best known for the study of innovation in commercial enterprises.

Christensen was born in Salt Lake City, Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah); He was the second of eight children. In 1975, Clayton graduated from Brigham Young University (Brigham Young University), received a Bachelor of Economics; in 1977 Clayton graduated Master Course in Applied Econometrics and Development Economics, Oxford (Oxford University). Two years later, in 1979, Clayton became a master of business administration at Harvard Business School; later, in 1992, Christensen was the same in all the Harvard School of Business Doctor of Business Management.

Even before joining the teaching staff at Harvard Business School Christensen I worked for some time in the `Boston Consulting Group`; later he was promoted to chairman and president founded by him (in the company with a number of American professors) `Seramics Process Systems Corporation`.

In 2000, Christensen founded the company `Innosight LLC`; is a company engaged in consulting and training of staff, further specializing in the generation of new ideas and different strategic decisions.

In 2005, Clayton and several of his colleagues in the `Innosight` launched the venture project` Innosight Ventures`; This company specializes in investments in India (India).

In 2007, Christensen has created another project - to think carefully about it for the past 6 years `Rose Park Advisors LLC`. The organization also engaged in investment, but here Christensen had more control and more opportunities to use them also developed investment strategies.

The Harvard Business School Clayton Christensen currently teaches a course `Build and support a successful predpriyatiya`; In this course, he teaches students build a strong company (and the restructuring of companies in the right way already existing).

In 2010, for his teaching Christensen received a special award `Outstanding prepodavatel` ( `Extraordinary Teaching Award`).

Christensen owns 5 best-sellers; the first truly successful it became a book published in 1997, `The Dilemma innovatora` ( `The Innovator`s Dilemma`). Enjoyed considerable success came out in 2003, `The solution to the problem of innovation biznese` (` The Innovator`s Solution`) and published in 2004, `What next?` ( `Seeing What`s Next`).

Recently Christensen actively studying the impact of innovation on issues of public institutions vrodeobrazovaniya or health care; a lot of questions and he was interested in the class struggle. In new books, new Clayton`s interests are reflected quite clearly - that, however, in no way diminished their popularity.

Currently Christensen lives in Belmont, Massachusetts (Belmont, Massachusetts) and his wife Christine (Christine); they have five children. Christensen is the Church of Latter-day Saints; Clayton is not satisfied with only one role usual adept - with 1971 to 1973rd he served as a missionary in Korea (Korea). Subsequently, Christensen held fairly important positions in the local branch of the church - until the bishop`s.

In February of 2010, Christensen announced that IU Dickey discovered he had follicular lymphoma; In July 2010, the scientist suffered ischemic stroke. Now Clayton has returned to teaching and writing new books; Fresh of his works were published in 2011.

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