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Born February 23, 1959 in Omaha (Nebraska, USA) . In 1977 he graduated from the school Ashland-Greenwood High School in the city of Ashland (Nebraska, USA) . In 1981 he graduated from Hastings College and received a bachelor`s degree in physics. In 1983 he was awarded a master`s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Iowa. He worked as a manager at Johnson Space Center. June 5, 1998 enlisted in the detachment NASA astronauts (1998 NASA Group # 17) .

Date and place of birth:

Born February 23, 1959 in Omaha (Omaha), Nebraska (Nebraska), but considers his home town of Ashland (Ashland) the same state. .

Education and scientific degrees :

In 1977 he graduated from high school (Ashland-Greenwood High School) in the city of Ashland, Nebraska.

In 1981 he graduated Hastings-College (Hastings College) and received a Bachelor of Science (Physics).

In 1983, the University of Iowa (Iowa State University) received a Master of Science degree (aerospace engineering) .

Professional activity:Since 1983 worked in Johnson Space Center (Johnson Space Center) in the Department of mission planning and analysis (Mission Planning and Analysis Division), where he participated in calculating trajectories for space shuttle flights.

In 1988 he moved to the Mission Control Directorate (Mission Operations Directorate),where he led a group of reckoning for mission STS- 34 (Galileo probe output), participated in flight STS- 31 (Magellan probe) , STS- 37 (Gamma Ray Observatory) and STS- 46 (Tethered Satellite / EURECA). In 1989 he was appointed head of the section starting trajectories (Ascent Flight Design Section), and after the reorganization -the head of the department of mathematics of flight (Flight Design Engineering Office) Division of flight planning and dynamic operations (Flight Design and Dynamics Division). In 1993 he was appointed head of the Department of Mathematics Aviation (Chief of the Flight Design Branch).Since 1996 and prior to enrollment in the astronaut he worked as the head of the Center of Emergency Situations (Emergency Operations Center) in Houston.

Space Training :

In June 1998 he was enlisted in the detachment of astronauts by NASA as part of the 17th set as a mission specialist. I passed a full course of OKP. At the end of it in August 1999, he was qualified as a mission specialist and assigned to the Division of NASA astronauts. In November 2002, he was trained in conducting EVA.

He worked as a communications operator with the crew (CAPCOM) during the shuttle flight. During the flight, the ISS - 4 crew was the astronaut support crew (Crew Support Astronaut),providing the necessary technical information, the crew and organizing negotiations with the families of the crew. Later he worked as head of development and security alarm systems (Enhanced Caution and Warning System - ECW) for the modernization of electronic control cabin equipment (Cockpit Avionics Upgrade - CAU) shuttle.In December 2003 he was appointed as a flight engineer of the backup crew of the 12th expedition to the International Space Station (ISS- 12E crew) and at the same time as a flight engineer of the main crew of the 14th expedition to the International Space Station (ISS- 14 - Geoffrey Williams, Alexander Lazutkin (in August 2005 for medical reasons reasons was replaced by Mikhail Tyurin) , Clayton Anderson) , but later izdelays in the resumption of space shuttle flights was removed from the crew.

Family status

Wife - Susan Jane Herrald (Susan Jane Harreld).

Son - Clayton " Cole " (Clayton "Cole").

Daughter - Mary Sutton (Sutton Marie).


He is fond of different kinds Storta, while studying at the university he played in the national team in basketball, football, running. He composes music and plays the organ and piano. Sings. Loves to read.

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