Clare Burke

Picture of Clare Burke

Age: 81

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The pensioner-vandal: 79-year-old woman was found guilty of desecrating graves

79-year-old Clara Burke was captured on camera by the occupation in which such a respectable woman would not be able to suspect anyone - woman decided to ruin someone else`s grave. It was a place of burial Wilkes Jill (Jill Wilks) and it died just a day after the birth of her granddaughter Haley Reynolds (Hayley Reynolds). In the double grave of a woman first poured born with a withered flower, then added on top of a solid portion of the rubble. Needless to say, for the husband of the late Jill Wilks, 77-year-old Ron Wilkes (Ron Wilks), a record of such insults the memory of his late wife was a real shock.

As it turned out in the court, eccentric behavior Clara Burke turned just settle old scores - woman felt for Ron Wilkes strongest dislike. I explain this dislike of the fact that Ron dared to be engaged to a woman, once met with former partner itself Burke.

Sealed on the video episode was not the first assault on the grave of Clara Burke Wilkes - actually, it was the previous attempt on the grave and forced Ron Wilkes set beside a hidden camera. Ron Wilkes expect that this will be sealed with some chamber excessively rambunctious children, much to his surprise, a criminal was a lady aged more than respectable.

Protection spokesman Mark Anderson (Mark Anderson) argues that Burke has fully realized the horror of the offense and the victim brings his apologies and explained everything that had happened only a flash of anger. Burke - again, according to the lawyer - is well aware that justify its action is not possible, regardless of its complex relationship with the family Wilkes. Wilkes themselves in remorse Clare Burke do not believe - talk with them razoritelnitsey family grave has happened and much regret in her eyes they saw. Most of all, terrified Wilkes and his daughter crying senselessness of what happened - action of Clara were virtually no reasonable not motivated.

The sentence was eventually imposed relatively mild. Clara Burke was sentenced to 12 months probation, banned for 2 years to communicate with Wilkes (and, of course, closer to the grave Jill Wilkes); In addition, Burke will have to pay for what he did 100 pounds. ; Hard to say - Is Clara Burke issued a lesson from what happened however, the grave Jill Wilkes is now most likely not in danger.