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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Place of birth : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Citizenship : United StatesIndependent Internet Star

`Clap Your Hands Say Yeah` (often - CYHSY) - American indie rock band formed in 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and in the first months has received huge popularity on the Internet, becoming at kakoe-While best known independent group in the United States (United States).

It seemed that for many decades the professional music industry has taken root so deeply that they can survive any apocalypse, natural disaster, and even constantly evolving technologies. And if the first is not disturbed its inviolability ,the Internet has become, perhaps, the main enemy of the industry, which, though not destroyed it completely, it just forced her to compromise and change the course of further development. It`s no secret that with the onset of the new millennium, the world has undergone some changes, but hardly least some area can boast of such progressWhich became evident in the early years of the 21st century in the world of amateur and professional music. For one thing, the history of `Clap Your Hands Say Yeah` can trace these changes : founding group, the musicians began to play the music you like the fans and the Internet community, but does not inspire confidence in the hearts of the owners of the studios ;in spite of this paradox, the group is not less popular and later even signed a professional contract with one of the most popular labels. For example, a group `CYHSY` music critics were able to show that it has changed in the music world in recent years : if before the labels were selected ,what kind of music should be like the students, now the students themselves were able to have their say and choose Preferences, and labels - to listen to them or give up.

Despite the fact that the group `Clap Your Hands Say Yeah` was founded in the year 2004, its participants met much earlier ,as students of the College of Connecticut (Connecticut College). Carried away by the music and the emerging indie rock, they soon began to compose his own songs and give performances in bars. These initiatives and became the basis for the `CYHSY`, which was founded Ounsvortom Alec (Alec Ounsworth) and Tyler Sargent (Tyler Sargent),in the original lineup also included ihdruzya : Lee Sargent (Lee Sargent), which at the same time is the brother of Tyler Gertin Robbie (Robbie Guertin) and Sean Greenhalgh (Sean Greenhalgh). The very first demo album, consisting of only four songs, laid the foundation of the style that the group develops throughout his career : Energetic indierock with electronic elements ; Many critics, however, include the band`s sound to the indie -pop, which makes sense, given the lyrics and arrangement.

Desperate zaklyuchitprofessionalny contract, the musicians began to record their own songs and share them online, hopingthat their music will find its audience in the vast music sites and blogs that are actually extinct today, fell victim to the music industry and copyright. Somehow case work `Clap Your Hands Say Yeah` quickly became popular on the Internet, so that through anyWhile the group has already started to take an interest in professional music publications and as a result, professional labels, surprised that overlooked the emergence of such talent on the stage. Shortly `Pitchfork Media` group introduced himself as` the best young gruppu` that was the last straw in the decision of the labels to offer them a contract and, thereby ,I admit that they have a real rival - the listener himself, received the freedom to choose the music that he likes, even if it is with the prefix ` indi`, from the English ` independent` - independent. The group also got on the front pages of music books ,when one of the concerts in the audience noticed reporters David Bowie (David Bowie).

The second album - `Some Loud Thunder` - the band released in the year 2007, work on it engaged musicians under the direction of professional producers, and therefore introduced several plate and change the sound of better quality than thewhich debut works were written. After the release of the album the band for some time taken a sabbatical, during which some of them have started a solo career or joined other teams.

After reunification in 2009, released their third album, `Hysterical` became the most successful in the creation of group. Throughout his career, the band never stopped touring, playing both recitals and working with other musicians. In 2013, the band announced the release of their new album `Only Run`, which will appear in stores in 2014.

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