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A serial killer who raped and strangled six elderly residents of Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati, Ohio), during the period from 1965 to 1966 - th.

Strangler The identity could not be established at the time exactly, but the most promising suspect is considered to be a former taxi driver Postil Lasky (Posteal Laskey).Kill Streak at one time seriously excited the city - very soon in local stores were sold out almost all the locks and bolts. Arrested Laski was charged with only one of the Strangler murders attributed - however, after his arrest, the murders stopped as suddenly as it began, so that to this day investigators believethey still managed to catch the Strangler.

Officially Lasky charged only with the murder of Barbara Bowman (Barbara Bowman) - found it on the street with a slit throat and almost severed leg. Arrest fasting managed only 4 months and only through vigilance in time came to the rescue patrol to the scene, had time to notice the yellow taxi Lasky. Later it became known that, even when he was a professional taxi driver, a post made a universal key to the local taxi company car - it is with this key he stole a car. In this machine the village 31 -year-old Barbara Bowman ; some fasting showed little aggression - but, unfortunately, two passers-by stopped his car ,in order to ask for directions, and Lasky panicked. The massacre with Bowman and throwing her out of the car, he fled the scene - leaving, however, a lot of evidence. In 1967, a former taxi driver still managed to catch and send to court. The post was sentenced to death ; however,Soon, the Supreme Court refused to apply the death penalty in Furman v. ` Dzhordzhiya` State (Furman v Georgia.) - and Laski ` otdelalsya` life imprisonment. In February 2007, Postil filed a request for early release - and was refused because of the monstrous nature of the offense ,previous history of offenses, and the taxi driver is quite explicit opinion on the subject - the authorities have received more than 400 e-mails with the requirement to leave the maniac behind bars. The next chance for parole would have to fall Postilu in 2017 - at that time he would have turned 79 years old. Alas,after receiving the refusal Lasky has not lived and the year - on May 29, 2007, he died in prison of natural causes. His body was one of the relatives to take away and do not bother, so that the authorities likely Strangler was buried in the cemetery at one of Ohio `s prisons.

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