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Christopher Coyne graduated in 1999 Manhattan College in Riverdale (Manhattan College, Riverdale) with a bachelor`s degree in business administration; in 2003 he received a master`s degree in economics from George Mason University; and two years later, in 2005, there defended his doctorate in economics. His mentors were Bettke economists Peter (Peter J. Boettke) and Tyler Cowen (Tyler Cowen). After receiving his doctorate Coyne was hired as a teacher in the College of Economics Hamden-Sydney (Hampden-Sydney College). In 2007, he moved from Hamden-Sydney for the same position at the University of West Virginia (West Virginia University). Finally, in 2010 he joined the teaching staff of the Faculty of Economics at George Mason University.

In addition to teaching, Koynyavlyaetsya North American editor of `The Review of Austrian Economics`, member of the editorial board of the journal` The Journal of Private Enterprise`, Research Fellow of the Independent Institute (The Independent Institute), member of the Academic Board of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy (Virginia Institute for Public Policy ), a member of the Advisory Board Cobden Centre (the Cobden Centre) and at the center for the study of political economy (center for the study of political economy) in Hamden-Sydney college. In 2007, Professor Coyne won the award Hayek (Hayek Prize), which is given to the fund `Fund for the Study of Spontaneous Orders`, non-profit organization managed by` Atlas Economic Research Foundation`. The reason for the awards served as a series of articles on the impact of institutional and international implications on entrepreneurship development mechanisms. In 2008, Christopher Coyne became a member of the London School of Economics (London School of Economics). In 2010 he was a visiting scholar at the Center for Social Philosophy and Policy at the University of Bowling Green (Social Philosophy and Policy Center at Bowling Green State University).

Coyne - author of numerous publications, including academic journal articles, book chapters, policy papers and book reviews. His main areas of research are in the field of the Austrian school of economics, economic development and political economy. In November 2007, the publishing house `Stanford University Press` published his first book -` After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy` ( `After the war: political economy demokratii` exports). In the book, Professor Coyne uses economic tools to analyze the ability of the United States (United States) to spread democracy beyond its borders. The main idea of ??the book lies in the fact that further efforts by States` export demokratii` through military occupation and reconstruction, it seems rather fail than succeed, since the military and politicians are forced methods. Coyne argues that the policy `demokratii` export failure is related to the inability of foreign governments to act on a centralized plan, as the basis of liberal democracy is the most complex set of institutions, which is absent where the United States conducts its operations. The professor believes that the best policy for the United States - a policy of non-interference principle and commitment to free market ideas of goods, ideas and cultural products.