Picture of Chingy

Birthday : 09.03.1980 year

Age: 36 years

Birthplace : St. Louis, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Howard Bailey Ml.

Original name: Howard Bailey Jr.


Chingy - a native of St. Louis, and there is in fact ruled by Nelly ball. Chingy started in a big rap game in Atlanta - and there in the first place Ludacris.

But the smartest guy repeated the fate of fantastic Bun : and from Nelly is gone, and gone by Ludy ,and now creates his own label, Slot-A-Lot and is going to live happily ever after.

In the center of the dirty south

Chingy moved to Atlanta, not suddenly. His road to the hip- hop began in St. Louis - the guy hanging out with Nelly and his " Holy lunatics " trying to do something for their own advancement. But talent is clamped, or maybe just do not notice it.Therefore, no one in St. Louis seriously took up another nugget from agricultural backwater.

Interest has arisen at the other pole of the southern rap. Perhaps more correctly be called the epicenter of Atlanta itself - too many stars, multi-platinum producers, and all sorts of influential individuals who have weight in the southern "dirty south" -repe ,concentrated in this city. Lists only the monsters : Outkast, Lil Jon, Usher, Ludacris. That`s the last person interested Chingy - and did everything possible to man signed to be formed at the time the label Disturbing Tha Peace (first person - Ludacris and producer Chaka Zulu).

No longer a thief. ..In the very early years (he first appeared in the studio at age 8) he called himself Thugsy. But a little grown up, realized that he was a fucking thug (very little word -valued, with respect to our realities can be translated as a thug, a tramp, in short, is a distinct criminal overtones) . Upon reflection, he called himself so ,as he used to holler to friends and girlfriends, that is, Chingy, and under this name went down in history.

Charming provincial neotesannost Nelly whining and howling voice Snoop Dogg`a - this mixture just one summer 2003 conquered America.Its southern dialect and peculiar accent (uniquely outstanding native of the provinces and can cause painful ridicule the inhabitants of megacities) Chingy does not hide, but rather emphasize - it is proud of them.

Among his Master Ching calls Run DMC, LL Cool J, Rakim, NWA and Ice Cube. As it is not very hard to believe - at leastalbum "Jackpot" has a zero point one hundredth of the total with the work of mythological characters listed above.

Right Thurr !!!

As the summer of 2002 was the summer of Nelly and Ludacris, as in 2003 and it unconditionally dominated Chingy. His "Right Thurr" became a model summer hit - light as a feather, obsessive as a salesman ,sweet and clingy as pasta. He hit the point - understand Luda and Chaka Zulu - and urgently concluded with Chingy contract thrown "Right Thurr" on the shelves.

This megahit ,and followed a little later "Holidae In" (with Ludacris and Snoop Dogg) and "One Call Away" Chingi be allowed (for a favorite expression of the most all-time thrash presenter Natalia Daryalova) on everyone`s lips. Album of the Jackpot, is the best answer to his name, he broke the bank. Platinum, the second ,Third ! Few of the great debut in such a way, and there is not an outstanding rural kid breaks a jackpot ! For comparison - the disc was released almost simultaneously Ludacris "Chicken & Beer" has collected only two platinum. Chingy became a regular MTV esters and traveled across America as part of a large-scale tour "Roc The Mic" with 50 Cent.

No respect Chingy!He does not build yourself out of God knows whom, and trying to be natural. Provincial, a kind farmer, charming, smiling, uncouth and direct. To some it might seem narrow-minded - in vain. In fact, Chingy was a very smart young man. His contract with Disturbing Tha Peace had a gap ,which could be used Chingy lawyers. In the end, right before the release of the album shrewd young man parted with their bosses, mentors Luda and Chaka Zulu. The guy made it clear that it is worth much more than he is paid

Luda and Chaka Zulu make good mine a bad game, broadcasting world ,Chingy that still exist financial obligations to the Disturbing Tha Peace. And Simultaneity - tolerate Chingy was worth stating they say this man is now no respect. Such statements do not paint Ludacris - unless he respects only dupes, allowing clean out of their pockets ?

Ready to play with the G-UnitChingy `s second album called "Powerballin`", thus continuing the association between creativity and Chingi gambling. For the creation of an atmosphere of risk and profit-seeking producers responded musical Track Boyz. These guys worked on major hits with "Jackpot", they, too, come from a SaintLouis and line their destinies lie in parallel - as Chingi guys did not get enough attention at home, signed to Disturbing Tha Peace, and with it also left the squad in order to develop further. They already issued many advances. Among the guest stars of the album "Powerballin`" there is the southern dudes Lil Wayne and David Banner,as well as very special guests Janet Jackson and R.Kelly in one of the biggest hits album "Don`t Worry".

The album went on sale in mid-November and has already entered the top ten. Meanwhile Chingy continued to increase its activity - do not cease rumors about his contacts with G-Unit. information appeared in November ,that his support group Git It Boyz will be signed on the label G-Unit South, who on a plan of " gorilla " was in charge of Young Buck. Due to problems with the law arising from Young Buck after a stabbing at the Vibe Awards, the creation of G-Unit South may not be deferred indefinitely. In this case Chingy offers to form another division polubaksovogo label - G-Unit Midwest.

Perfect Bun tour through the fabulous forest continues. According to an old story, one day on his way to appear sly fox.

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