Picture of Child

Year of birth : 1993

Age: 22 year

Place of Birth : Houston, United States

Citizenship : United States


"One of the best bands of the late `90s ," " beauty with a microphone ", " Queen of R & B" - as soon not call journalists Destiny`s Child group. But being at the top of the world, each of the four " children`s fate " does not cease to thank God and parents for their achievements.

Destiny`s Child Group was formed in 1990,when we met at the audition seven- and eight-year girl Beyonce Knowles and Roberson LaTaviya. Soon they were joined by cousin Beyonce - Kalendriya Rowland, known to fans of bands like Kelly. A little later, the group has expanded its fourth participant Lethe Laket. In this composition, they held out until March 2000. But first things first.

The permanent group manager - Beyonce `s father Matthew Knowles - from the beginning believed in the success of this project. The group, created under his leadership, first called Girls Tyme, and was known to only a small number of residents of Houston, Texas. But thanks to Star Search, a special search program for young talents ,the young singer became more and more popular. Then they started thinking about changing the name. The options were few : Something Fresh, "? Clich", Borderline, The Dolls, - but a decisive role in choosing the name Beyonce played the mother, who just went and opened the Bible at chapter Destinys. This idea was first developed to Destiny`s Children,but in the end it turned out today`s name Destiny`s Child.

Becoming a Star Search winners in the category R & B (especially for them and lowered the minimum age changed the conditions relating to the number of participants) , "Destiny`s Children" signed a contract with Electra Records.However, later the young talents come to the attention of Columbia Records World record company. The contract with Electra immediately terminated, and talented girls - in two steps away from glory. Columbia Records contract was signed in early 1997, and in July of the same year their debut under this brand. The first was the song Killing Time from the soundtrack to the film " Men in Black ". In January 1998, he released the single "No, no, no" in a month became platinum. The band`s debut album was released in February of the same year, it was also released the single "Bills, Bills, Bills", which a year later became known worldwide.

In 1998-1999 the band recorded soundtracks for various films and is preparing a new album, "The ting`s on the Wall". It reaches the highest point in all Chartree. Already mentioned song "Bills, Bills, Bills", and "Say my Name", "Bug a Beo" and the most famous "Jumpin, Jumpin" make the album triple platinum ,bring him two " Grammy " and a number of other prestigious awards.

It would seem, what problems can be in such a successful band? But inside the long- brewing conflict. The culmination of " creative differences " was the departure of two of its member groups - Lethe and LaTavii. Their place was taken by Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams. They first appeared in the group in the video "Say my Name". Beyonce and Michelle met by chance at the hotel "Atlanta" in January 2000, and at the same time Kelly Beyonce and Matthew Knowles offered the young singer to take one of the vacated seats. So she became a full-fledged participants in the third Destiny`s Child.

As regards Terah ,fans of the band were shocked when five months later she left Destiny`s Child. There followed a detailed interview with the participating groups and Terah, which states the reasons for the gap. But this time there were no serious differences and the parties went to the world, can not be said about former colleagues Destiny`s Child - LaTavii and Lethe. They filed a lawsuit against the group, accusing the ex-girlfriends in the destruction of their careers, and the manager - in assigning their profits.

A year later, the case against Beyonce and Kelly`s was closed. But proceeding with Matthew Knowles has not yet ended.

Lethe and LaTaviya engaged in a new project - a group of Angel; It says Farr will also record a solo album. But all these troubles did not break motivated Destiny`s Child. After the departure of Terah, they announced that the search for a replacement is not collected. So the quartet became a trio. In summing up the 2000 Billboard Year-End Charts group was in first place in six categories. In March 2001, he was released the first single from the eponymous album, Survivor, and in April a video clip for the song made it to first place in the MTV Top 20 and has since become the leading positions in the rankings.

In May, the album was released on Voice of Survivor, in which all three participants sang solos. In this record, among other things ,sounded cover version of Bee Gees "Emotion".

Kelly reached the heights of popularity, Beyonce and Michelle released a collection of his greatest hits album Best of Destiny`s Child and continues to delight his fans with new songs - a single Bootylicions, a holiday album, 8 Days of Christmas, and others.

Now Destiny`s Child took a short break. And they can afford it, because to date, has sold 34 million copies of their albums. What is involved in beauty ?

Rest is, of course, will not name. Each participant prepares a solo album and is involved in film productions. Beyonce, for example ,He has agreed to star in a parody sequel " Austin Powers ", together with the brilliant Canadian comedian Mike Myers.

In an exclusive interview with "Toronto Sun" Michelle Williams has promised fans the group that in 2003 they will a new album. Besides,everyone can learn more about the Destiny`s Child creativity thanks to a recent official biography of the band Soul Survivors.

Beyonce Knowles

Born : September 4, 1981 in Houston (TX).

Nickname : "B".

She started singing with four years in the church choir. Already in the first class I know that he wants to make a career in music.Beyonce `s parents have devoted themselves entirely daughter. Her father was the manager of the group, and his mother are their stylist. At the very beginning of the creative daughter`s career, they sold the car and moved to a smaller house to support the project. "My parents sacrificed themselves, and I will never forget ," - says Beyonce.

Beyonce - leader of the group ,she songwriter and scripts to the clips. She recently signed a contract with " L`OREAL " and will now advertise their favorite cosmetics.

Michelle Williams

Born: July 23, 1980 in Rockford (IL).

Nickname : Mi`Chell My Belle.

Before meeting with Beyonce was backing performer groups. She started singing as the other member of the group, in the church choir. Her first solo at the age of seven - Blessed Assurance. He believes that her work in the group - " a blessing from God " because she was able to be at the right time in the right place. Michelle says that it is her blessed parents (mother Anita Michelle Williams - missionary, Father Dennis Williams - assistant financial manager of the company) .

Kelly RouleendBorn : February 11, 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Beyonce `s cousin, after moving his mother Doris Lovet Houston began to frequent the house Knowles. " Music just captured my heart ," - she said. His mother supported her in every possible way and even allowed her daughter to live with Knowles to seriously pursue singing." Tina and Matthew were my second parents, and Beyonce - my sister. "

Destiny`s Child has achieved a lot, but that`s not going to stop. Having conquered America, they set out to conquer the world. However, after the events of September 11 " Queen R & B" decided to postpone their European tour for security reasons. " With all my heart and soul, we pray for a quick end to the fight against terrorism and an early return to civilian life ," - they said recently.

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