Chester Carlson

Picture of Chester Carlson

Date of Birth: 08/02/1906

Age: 62

Place of Birth: Seattle

Citizenship: United States


Chester invented a printing method that was called electrography. At present, this principle is applied in laser printers.

Chester Carlson born in Seattle (United States), 8 February 1906. His parents have died early - his mother died when Carlson was seventeen, and her father died when Chester was twenty-seven. For a long time parents racked tuberculosis, and future scientists had to work hard to support them.

After graduating from college Riverside Junior College, Chester Carlson entered the California Institute of Technology, which has completed training in 1930, the year with a degree in physics. In 1936, the year of Carlson enrolled in law schools New York Law School, where he graduated in 1939, the year, having received a bachelor`s degree in law.

Position strengthened Chester, when he started to work in the laboratory of Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York, but with the onset of the Great Depression, the situation has changed - the future inventor was fired and for a time worked as a clerk. A year later, Carlson received a prestigious position in the company PR Mallory Company (currently Duracell), where the head of the patent department vskorestal.

Before inventing the principle of electrography, Chester Carlson for years experimented. His first experiments talented scientist spent in the kitchen, in conditions far from scientific. Soon he began to cooperate with the Austrian physicist Otto Korney, which over time has created its own laboratory. Chester worked hard until, finally, on October 22 th 1948 has not publicly announced the invention of xerography (electrophotographic principle). After the inventor perfected the concept, turning it into an extremely popular.

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