Charlotte Bourton

Picture of Charlotte Bourton

Age: 27

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Confession possessed chocolate

23-year-old Charlotte Borton was the victim of `` sweet dependence and long time could not be complete without chocolate. Every day, she consumed 800 calories, has not yet made a sweep of the capital and did not take himself in hand. In total, Borton has managed to lose because of their diet is almost 65 kg.

`` Shokoladozavisimaya girl from Bournemouth, Dorset (Bournemouth, Dorset), for a long time to indulge their whims. Sweet Tooth and part-time ambulance worker, Charlotte at some point became aware of the seriousness of the problem and more was not going to sit idly by.

During the first year `operatsii` slimming Bourton got rid of 40 extra kilos. The British discovered for themselves the simplest way to lose weight - the rejection of a sandwich with chocolate paste `Nutella` zavtrak.Pomimo on this, Charlotte removed from the diet of three candy bars that are consumed every day, and in terms of the number of calories a week dramatically reduced by as much as 5600 units.

She said: `How many can remember, I always had a sweet tooth. My pets have always been `Galaxy` bars and chocolate pasta`.

`I could even sneak eat a spoonful or two of chocolate paste, when he wanted a quick pampered sladkim`.

`By the age of fourteen, my metabolism, I think, has slowed down, but my appetite has remained at the same level `.

`All these chocolate bars haunted me, and I began to be deposited in excess kilogrammy`.

The once slender, Bourton during its growth 1.62 m reached the alarming level of 100 kg. By December 2013, the girl needed a size 56 dress. Boiling point became the signature with the word `zhut` under the Christmas photo Charlotte to Facebook.

Former `shokomanka` says:` I wedged myself in a golden dress for the Christmas party at podrugi`.

`The next morning, there was this sign in the photo, where I looked like a golden angelok, only with bingo wings instead of angels. I was uzhase`.

(Reference: in slang combination of plastic surgeons` bingo krylya` used in relation to the operation excision of excess skin on the inner side of the shoulder).

Briton alone managed to get rid of 40 kg for 12 months of struggle against excess weight. She currently weighs 60-63 kg and wears size 42.

Instead of sweets and fatty foods Charlotte started eating porridge for breakfast, a salad for lunch and skuritsey spaghetti bolognese with a prescription from an organization `Slimming World` dinner.

Chocolate bars for perekuski went in the trash. Today Borton prefers to satisfy slight hunger fruit and yogurt.

She said: `I lived in the confidence that a healthy diet and a snack will not give me the satisfaction that gave chocolate`.

`But I stuck to my diet, and now for the first time in a few years, I have ceased to feel sluggish. I just have a car power `.

`I`m getting sick, one has only to recall how much chocolate I ever ate, to get udovletvorenie`.

`It may seem strange, but I hrumkala one bar after another, without even thinking, what`s going on with my body `.

`At the moment such a craving disappeared sovsem`.